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  • One of the best waterpolo programs in the United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States, for both the college level and kids.


Parking and access to the swim pools when visiting Navy[]

Parking passes are very hard if not impossible to get. The team can not easily distribute them. Only those with a Dept of Defense stickers or Navy AC parking passes on their vehicle are permitted to drive onto campus. All others are not able to drive onto the campus.

On camp and tournament days, the Navy coaches and volunteers often provide a shuttle from gate 8 (by the baseball field) to and from the pool. To get a shuttle, simply call the pool office 410-293-5558 and let them know you need a ride. EVERYONE NEEDS TO HAVE PICTURE ID!

Those without stickers should enter gate 8 (by the baseball fields) and make an immediate right turn in front of HALLIGAN HALL, then park in one of the spaces there. These spaces are located just inside the gate, BEFORE you come to the guardhouse with USNA security. Anyone can walk to the pool from there as long as you have picture ID to show the sentry.

If you desire a ride, call the office and someone will come to get you. We'll also take you back to your vehicle when needed.

Any questions, email schofiel@usna.edu or call the office at 410-293-5558.