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As a documentary, it goes beyond just the Rockingham murders, but also gives us a glimpse into hero worship and how men of color can be deified for their skill on the field while also being demonized for their lives off of it.

For any athlete in 2016-17, it should serve as a wake up call that nothing is promised when it comes to fame and celebrity, and that you're only as good as your last touchdown.

The doc not only framed it with O.J.'s life and the state of the country (especially Los Angeles), it really dug in and re-opened those wounds. And to see those graphic crime scene photos – photos you knew existed but never saw – was shocking to me and still haunt me. My wife and I discussed each episode with all of our friends and would get into discussions days it aired just because of the feelings we had and the perspective and maturity time have given us in the years since the events.

Trailer[edit | edit source]


O.J. Made in America - Trailer

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