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"A Fighting Chance" by Morgan Neville Documentary Short (2016)

As a company with a heritage of defying barriers, Samsung has tremendous empathy for those who push the definition of what is possible and upholds the unique vision that those who persevere through the extraordinary, who are willing to venture from their comfort zones, determined to dream big and push limits, leads to meaningful progress. In 120 years of the Modern Olympic Games, more than 70 participating countries have never set foot on the Olympic podium. One million athletes train relentlessly with the dream of competing in each Olympic Games, yet only 1% will qualify, let alone medal. Worldwide Olympic Partner Samsung enlisted Academy Award-winning filmmaker Morgan Neville to shine a spotlight on big dreams and long odds. A reflection of Samsung’s roots of never giving up, A Fighting Chance tells the inspiring stories of Olympic Games hopefuls from 3 diverse countries and immerses viewers in their lives. Their journey celebrates anyone who has fought through physical and social barriers. These are people who don’t expect anything handed to them. All they want is “a fighting chance.” - TSEPO MATHIBELLE from Lesotho, Marathon - MILLER PATA & LINLINE MATAUATU from Vanuatu, Beach Volleyball - YENEBIER GUILLEN BENITEZ from Dominican Republic, Boxing For more information:

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