A for Athlete


  • OpenOffice.Org is a free software package that is strongly recommended.
    • All athletes and coaches should download the software.
      • At the least, give OpenOffice.Org a test drive. Try it.
      • Stay aware of ongoing developments with OpenOffice.Org's software.



Multiple Langauges within the same document[]

Version 3.0 of OpenOffice.org, due for final release in September 2008, available for public beta in May 2008, includes a new feature that allows for documents to include multiple languages.

This feature offers great assistance to this project A for Athlete.


A screen shot of the multi-language feature:

Lang selector-1.png


2.4.1 Released[]

The OpenOffice.org Community is pleased to announce the release of OpenOffice.org 2.4.1, a minor update of OpenOffice.org 2.4 released in March 2008. OpenOffice.org 2.4.1 (EN-US for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Solaris) is available for immediate download from http://download.openoffice.org. Please contact the appropriate native-language project http://projects.openoffice.org/native-lang.html for details of availability in other languages, and the appropriate porting project http://porting.openoffice.org for details of other platforms

Full details of the changes may be found in the release notes http://development.openoffice.org/releases/2.4.1rc2.html. For details of security vulnerabilities fixed, please see our security bulletin http://www.openoffice.org/security/bulletin.html. To our knowledge, none of these vulnerabilities has been exploited; however, in accordance with industry best practice, we recommend all users upgrade to 2.4.1.

OpenOffice.org 2.4.1 is the twelfth release in the 2.x series (launched in October 2005) and demonstrates the Community's commitment to continuous and regular improvement of its software. The next major release - 3.0 - is planned for Q3 this year. If you would like to help us, please visit http://contributing.openoffice.org.