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Open Source Software is the way to go. No doubt.


  • Increase innovation
  • decrease prices
  • act globally
  • advances standardized file formats
    • Public and educational agencies need to push so as to provide files that are in open formats and with standards.
    • Leaders in sports, government and education need to use file formats that can be incorporated into any software package without legal restrictions.
    • The file formats are sanctioned by international standards committees.

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In the open-access movement, the former president of MIT saw “a transcendent, accessible, empowering, dynamic, communally constructed framework of open materials and platforms on which much of higher education worldwide can be constructed or enhanced.” The web would provide the communication infrastructure, and a global open-access library of course materials would provide much of the knowledge and information infrastructure. Dr. Vest argued that a noble and global endeavor of this scale would speed the propagation of high-quality education and give teachers and students everywhere the ability to access and share teaching materials, scholarly publications, and scientific works in progress and to participate in real-time science experiments.


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