A for Athlete


Group was called by Mark Roosevelt and began its meetings in April 2010. Joined with new leadership in August, 2010 from Jake House. Presented to the Education Committee of the Pittsburgh Public Schools Board of Directors in May, 2011.


The District formed the Athletics Committee to look at all areas that affect athletics in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, seek feedback from all stakeholder groups and prepare recommendations to redesign athletics to provide the best possible opportunities for District student athletes. Members of the Committee are:

  • Duane Ashley, Mayor's Office, an assistance from Dick Skrinjar, Citiparks
  • Mark Brentley, Pittsburgh Board of Public Education
  • Sophia Facaros, Pittsburgh Schenley High School
  • Robert Fadzen, Pittsburgh Public Schools School Police
  • Michael Gavlik, Athletics, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • George Gensure, Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers
  • Jake House, Athletics, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Phyllis Jones, Pittsburgh Westinghouse High School
  • Tim Keefer, Pittsburgh Oliver High School
  • Derrick Lopez, School Management, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Amy Malen, Strategic Initiatives, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • Aaron Mickens, RefereeWalt Milinski, Pittsburgh Carrick High School
  • Rich O’Brien, Pittsburgh Brashear High School
  • Vern Phillips, Parent
  • Mark Rauterkus, Parent
  • Ken Saybel, Pittsburgh Schenley High School
  • Suelynn Shiller, Parent
  • Sarah Sumpter, Pittsburgh Sterrett 6-8
  • John Tokarski, Parent
  • Ted Vasser, Student Transportation, Pittsburgh Public Schools
  • John Vater, Pittsburgh Brashear High School
  • Christine Wolski, Pittsburgh Brashear High School