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First Round got scratched[]

Mark Rauterkus produced four proposals for summer camps for Pittsburgh Public Schools to begin in the summer of 2010. The proposals were in reply to a RFP. (See the call here.) Proposals were due October 2, 2009 (for what was the first round).

Due to the state budget and changes to the federal stimulus funds, all grant applications got nixed.

Second Round[]

Suggested Camps from Mark Rauterkus Delivered for the (fruitless) First Round[]

The four suggested camps from Mark Rauterkus that are under the CLOH.Org umbrella include a Swim and Water Polo Camp that can have one or two sites with 30 campers per site; a Junior Lifeguard Camp that can have one or two sites with 25 campers per site; a Sports Manager and Entrepreneur Camp with up to 16 campers; and the Olympic Sports Camp with 125 campers in five squads among five sports settings. Each week brings campers to a new site with their squad. The five week rotation includes run, swim, bike, spike and golf.

Swim and Water Polo Camp[]

Swim and Water Polo -logo

Junior Lifeguard Camp[]


Sports Manager and Entrepreneur Camp[]


Olympic Sports Camp[]

Olympic Sports-Camp-logo1

Feedback welcomed[]

Your feedback is welcomed on the discussion pages. Talk:PPS_RFPs_for_2010_Summer


  • Many people helped with this effort in many different ways. Thanks! More helpers are needed as well. If you want to lend a hand in some way, please contact Mark Rauterkus, make a contribution no this wiki, send an email to Mark -at- Rauterkus -dot- com, call 412 298-3432.

Other Suggested Camps from Elsehwere[]

Sixty proposals were sent in to Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Sports and Fitness Camps[]

  • Citiparks put in a proposal to service 400 campers. Water polo is part of those activities, so we hear.
  • Kingsley put in a proposal to service a number of campers. Water polo is a part of those activities, so we hear.
  • Ozanam Program put in a proposal, we hope, to have a basketball camp, we think.
  • The First Tee of Pittsburgh was to put in for a golf camp with East End Cooperative Ministries. Golf is also a part of the Olympic Sports Camp.
  • Three Rivers Rowing might have put in a camp proposal?
  • Venture Outdoors might have put in a camp proposal?
  • ??? - edit this

Non Sports Camps[]

  • ??- edit this

Possible Partnerships[]

Possible Partners
Organizational Concct Organization Name Contact Email Phone
Marilyn Chaney Earthen Vessels Outreachmarilynchaney@gmail.com 412-414-2993
Mark Rauterkus CLOH.org mark.rauterkus@gmail.com 412-298-3432
Allison Rhodes Color Me Mine masrhodes@yahoo.com 412-654-7997
Florri Ladov Reading is FUNdamental Pittsburghfladov@rifpittsburgh.org 412-321-8022
Karen Broooks-Reese Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh brooks1@carnegielibrary.org 412-578-2599
Sharieda Patterson Vision Outreach plan4college@yahoo.com 412-956-4640
Andrew Norman Camp Spirit of the Game apnorman@verizon.net 412-242-7117 (home)