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  • Olympic swimmer from South Korea (also known as KOR) Flag of South Korea who got gold in the 400 free in 2008 Olympics. Won his country's first Olympic gold in swimming.

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Park: $96M In Endorsements[]

Aug 18, 2008 by Craig Lord

Park Tae-hwan, nicknamed "marine boy" back home, signed major endorsement deals before the 2008 Olympics.

Park Tae-hwan became the first Korean world swimming champion, in the 400m freestyle, in 2007 in Melbourne.

In 2008, 18-year-old, described by home media as "charismatic."

Got closer to Ian Thorpe's 400m freestyle world record than any other man ever has on his way to gold at the Water Cube.

Park Tae-hwan got silver behind [[Michael Phelps in the 200m freestyle, ahead of Pete Van Dakay.

Two major companies that signed Park up as the face of their products before the Games:

  • SK Telecom and Kookmin Bank sponsored Park Tae-hwan with deals prior to the 2008 Olympics. "The value of the impact from our advertising campaign with Park has increased by 10-fold," said Kim Jin-young, a Kookmin Bank spokesman. Both companies have already stepped up their campaigns with Park, who has saturated the South Korea airwaves in the time of the 2008 Olympics. In total the campaigns are valued at over 100 billion won.

Park got about $600,000 in prize money from his Government and various other sponsors, according to the Korean media.

South Korea (also known as KOR) Flag of South Korea aims to bid for the hosting of the 2013 World Swim Championships and the new pools complex that would be built for the event would carry the name of the Olympic 400m champion.

The maker of the oversized headphones Park wore on his way to his blocks in Beijing has enjoyed a run on its products. "After he put on our headphones in Olympic Games, calls for purchase are skyrocketing," said Kim Young-rang from the manufacturer Cresyn.