A for Athlete


Tailgating is not a hobby at Penn State, WE ARE... professionals. People DRIVE to the game, lots and lots of people. In Pittsburgh the size of the stadium is 65,505 and the number of residents is 334,563. In State College the size of the stadium is 107,282 and the number of residents is 38,420. That means even if every PSU student (40,000) and every State College resident (38,420) went to the game there would still be 29,000 seats left for people who drove in for the game. Those people need a place to eat, sleep and misbehave; that place is the tailgate.

Every Saturday, the Penn State Football team takes a bus (actually three buses) from the football building to Beaver Stadium. The front row of the first bus is occupied by Joe Paterno and his starting quarterback. When the buses pass it is customary to yell and honk your horn, creating a euphoria that crescendos as the buses pass up the hills. This culminates in more than 1,000 fans creating a human tunnel for the players and coaches to walk through on their way in to the stadium. If you love Penn State Football, it is one of your favorite moments.