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New rental fees established in Pine-Richland

March 29, 2011, by Jacob Flannick, freelance writer, suburbanliving@post-gazette.com [1]

The Pine-Richland school board on adopted new rental fees for community and other organizations using district facilities.

Rental fees now will depend on an organization's class placement and vary between facility.

The district's classification system assigns each organization to class one, two or three, and grants precedence to organizations closely affiliated with the district, according to district assistant finance director Ryan Manzer.

Organizations designated to class one are district-sponsored groups, such as interscholastic athletic teams, student groups, clubs and other groups engaging in extracurricular activities. Parent-teacher organizations affiliated with the district's schools also fall in class one.

Similar to the previous schedule, class one organizations remain exempt from all facility rental fees.

Class two organizations are not district-sponsored and are required to have at least 75 percent of members with Pine and Richland township residency.

Organizations residing in class two are athletic programs, teams or other activity groups partially funded by the district, including district-recognized booster groups. Also in class two are nonprofit corporations and unincorporated, not-for-profit organizations that provide artistic, cultural, recreational, athletic or educational programs and activities to district residents.

Fees for class two organizations have decreased to a maximum $10 per hour from the previous schedule, not including additional hourly fees of $25 for stadium lighting and scoreboard use. A $50 security deposit is also required for all facilities used by class two organizations.

Class three organization fees will increase in many areas, ranging from $30 to $500 per hour, not including additional hourly fees of $250 for stadium lighting and $500 for scoreboard use. A $500 security deposit is required for all facilities used by class three organizations.

The new fee schedule currently awaits implementation on July 1, 2011.