• Swimming team name forming in 2016.
  • Water polo team name used in various informal situations as kids and players from various schools, programs, neighborhoods, rec centers and abilities have fun playing together.
Pgh Combined CV 2015

Team play at Ammon Recreation Center in Pittsburgh with Tiger Water Polo and Pittsburgh Combined in August 2011.

Waterpolo sept2011

Team of waterpolo players, 9 from Pittsburgh Public Schools, and 5 from Shaler Area, in Ohio in September 2011. Team took 3rd place in the JV division.

Update on the coopEdit

Seaton Lasalle to Pittsburgh Combined


Plans for 2016 and 2017Edit

The name, Pittsburgh Combined is being used as a working title for the proposals in competitive swimming activities, as well as water polo. A rather important merger is about to take place and the city kids are going to be able to be a part of this super-team as well. For now, the name is Pittsburgh Combined.

Plans for fall of 2015 coopEdit

Phone #s for AutodialerEdit

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