Camp Phillips 09-5285

Teacher Mrs. P

Camp Phillips 09-5276

Row of rustic cabins. Cabins are in a cluster. Each has bunks and shelves, and little else. These had lights but no plugs / electric. Rest rooms are 80 yards away.

Camp Phillips 09-5277

The Phillips Students, 32 in all, hiked a number of times.

Camp Phillips 09-5278

Headed to a mean. Food was great.

Camp Phillips 09-5275

Hike 2.

Camp Phillips 09-5279

In May, the camp was mostly empty. A staff helped, but few others, besides workers, were around.

Camp Phillips 09-5280

Lessons about water sheds were given in the Gazebo. Meanwhile, others were on a scavenger hunt or else doing prints on t-shirts.

Camp Phillips 09-5292

This was called the blob. Climb the wooden ladder. Jump off the stand, about 3-meters in the air. Land on the big pillow and bounce -- or else get bounced off by other jumpers and land in the water.

Camp Phillips 09-5293

The lake area had a beach and swimming toys and trampoline out in the mouth of the cove. Here the staff lifeguards were swimming these sections out. The last swimmers helped by swimming the sections back at the end of our afternoon swim.

Camp Phillips 09-5294

Kayaks and canoes are part of the water and lake experience.

Camp Phillips 09-5295

Cleaning sand from feet at the beach. Wear your boots or shoes around the camp, not flip flops. Always walk, never run.

Camp Phillips 09-5296

E by the edge of the water after a big swim in the lake.

Camp Phillips 09-5274

Students in front of the tents.

Camp Phillips 09-5273

Teachers talking from the balcony of one of the cabins.

Camp Phillips 09-5272

Students, tents, cabins.

Camp Phillips 09-5271

When the storms came, the students were able to move, with order, at 3 am-ish, from sleeping in the tents to a bunk in the cabins. The storms hit every night.

Camp Phillips 09-5270

Friends all around as well.

Camp Phillips 09-5269

We got to sing a song, but had to write the lyrics about habitats.

Camp Phillips 09-5268

Students and fellow campers.

Camp Phillips 09-5267

Teachers in the front of the classroom, for these three days, our setting is nature.

Camp Phillips 09-5283

Lunch area, before eating breakfast.

Camp Phillips 09-5282

Headed for food.


The 5th graders have taken a camping trip for years, as part of the science study at Pittsburgh Phillips K-5. Mr. Mass and Mrs. P are the two teachers that lead the trip with the help of a couple of others.

The trip was held for the second year at Emma Kaufmann Camp outside of Morgantown, West Virginia. The school trip makes for a rental to the camp, owned by the Pittsburgh, Jewish Community Center.

In 2009, 32 students and four adults were on the trip. The camp staff also helped with some of the activities.




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