A for Athlete



  • Nonprofit organization in Pittsburgh.
  • http://www.PittsburghProject.org
  • Located on the Northside.
  • The Pittsburgh Project is an urban, neighborhood-based, Christian community development organization that develops servant leaders and uphold the dignity of vulnerable homeowners.
  • 2801 North Charles Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15214
  • 412.321.1678/telephone: 412.321.3813/facsimile
  • headquarters@pittsburghproject.org


Front of the main building of the Pittsburgh Project.

Swim pool, in winter, at Pittsburgh Project. L shap, 4-lanes.

View by fence to gym of Pittsburgh Project.

Looking from pool across road to the main building of the Pittsburgh Project.


Ltr 4 support Pgh Project.png

Swim Pool[]

  • Dimensions: 4 lanes, 25-meters long. The deep end width of the lanes is 30-feet. The long part of the L is 100-feet long. The shallow end width is slightly less than 15 meters and about 48 feet, 8 inches, across. The deep end goes to 12-foot depth.


Front door to TPP's outdoor pool.

Pleasant Valley Recreation Center front door, now operated by The Pittsburgh Project. This is the door to the locker rooms and the swim pool.

View to the side of the swim pool's front door at TPP's pool. Go out the front door of the pool and turn left and see this view.

Come out of the pool and take a walk to the main street and then right to the campus of The Pittsburgh Project.

Summer Staff of 2017[]