Also known at Schenley High School, Schenley.

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  • After moving to Reizenstein, address became: 129 DENNISTON AVE, PITTSBURGH, PA 15206
  • 412-665-2260
  • FAX: 412-665-4988
  • Principal: Ms. Sophia Facaros
  • Ken Saybel, Athletic Director, [ email]]

Pittsburgh Schenley High School is a in a phase out process from a neighborhood school and magnet.

    • In 2010-2011, had 12th grade and the final class to graduate is the class of 2011. Building was at Reizenstein.
    • In 2009-2010, had grades 11 and 12. Building was at Reizenstein
    • In 2008-2009, had grades 10, 11 and 12. Building was at Reizenstein.

between the Shadyside and East Liberty communities of Pittsburgh. The school is also home to two magnet programs: International Baccalaureate and Robotics Technology. Built in 1916, the original Schenley High School was located in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh. After a long and rich history, this facility was closed down in June 2008, and its student body and faculty were relocated to the former Reizenstein Middle School facility. Through its varied curricula, Pittsburgh Schenley delivers a quality education to a diverse student population that comes to the school from all over the City of Pittsburgh. Students enjoy a wide range of opportunities to participate in athletic, scholastic and cultural activities. In June 2011, Schenley High School will close and the Obama Academy will be the International Baccalaureate school, Grades 6-12, in which students will participate in the IB Middle Years and IB Diploma Programmes.

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Template Name Enrollment # source
/HS boys Pittsburgh Schenley High School/HS boys via PPS
/HS girls Pittsburgh Schenley High School/HS girls via PPS
/9+10+11 boys 104 via PIAA
/9+10+11 girls 115 via PIAA
/ideal combined out of business via reformers
/ideal boys out of business via reformers
/ideal girls out of business via reformers

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  • PIAA has is Enrollment Date of October 15, 2009 from October 2010 snapshot:
    ** Total Enrollment = 219
    *** Female Enrollment = 115
    *** Male Enrollment = 104

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Pipeline and feeder pattern implications include:

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Note coaches, team page links, class size per team, records and status reports, facilities used, possible classifications of PIAA and WPIAL, rivals.

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softball[edit | edit source]

Allderdice clobbers Lady Spartans, May, 2011 from school newspaper

“I feel like this was our best. They played better as a team, and a lot of girls stepped up in positions the never played before today,” Coach Jenn Wagner said after what would appear to have been a disturbing loss to the Allderdice Dragons yesterday 22-2. Aisaha Smith wasn’t nearly so positive, saying,“It has been a rough season. We need to get everybody on the same page.” This loss has brought the Lady Spartans softball record to 1-8 in the city league. The girls will be playing Perry today in hopes of a better outcome.

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  • Soccer team has held some practices, especially in the pre-season, in the past at West Penn Rec Center.

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  • Parking
  • Lighting

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  • Parks, fields, and other venues within a 20-minute walking distance for team and community use.

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  • Engineering magnet
  • Japanese is taught.

Community Based[edit | edit source]

  • Schenley Pom Pons, a dance team for the basketball games.
  • Girls in high school at Schenley want to dance. This is an activity at the school that does not count for participation with Title IX, sadly, wrongly.

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  • In school
  • Computer labs
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh branches:

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