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Team assembled for the grant application in April 2016.
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Letters of Support on hand:Edit

Playlist to Tech Captains Digital Badges have four quarters:Edit


Concept map showing the four quarters in the playlist.
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  • Theme: Play well with others.

Quarter One: PresentEdit

Quarter Two: PlayEdit

  • Count and log 10 or more activities. Varsity practices and competitions can count.

Quarter Three: TechnologyEdit

Stages within technologyEdit

  1. Competency
  2. Literacy
  3. Fluency
  4. Brilliancy (This stage is pending until fall of 2017.)
  5. Genius (This stage is pending until fall of 2018.)

Quarter Four: DevelopmentEdit

Play.cloh in quarters(smal 800).jpg.cloh in quarters

Playlist for efforts.
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Thoughts on OutcomesEdit

  • With Venture Outdoors we could make an Letter of Outdoors. Letter earner, as in varsity letter. But a varsity letter is more the domain of the coach and the school program and somewhat sacred grounds that is best left to the teams and coaches to determine and deploy. Creating Leaders Outdoors Here / Creating Leadership Outdoors Here seems to work.
  • The Tech Captain designation stands for a sense of mastery in three areas: playing well, technology, and leadership.
  • Logging 100 sessions seems to be a magical threshold in that a quality season of sports should / could include that many team events for practices and competitions. Doing three sports in one year would get three-hundred events.
  • What was a 2015 "digital badge" might be re-positioned into a "marker" and / or "medal" and / or "medallion". A number of markers would be needed along pathways and playlists to size up for the Digital Badge.


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