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Positive Pedagogy, Published on November 29, 2016

by Richard Light

Professor and Director of Sport Development at University of Canterbury

My latest book, Positive Pedagogy for Sport Coaching: Athlete Centred Coaching for Individual Sports (book), and is available. I am excited about this book and about the impact I expect it to have on coaching and teaching globally. It is an innovative and even ground breaking publication that suggests how to apply the advances made in game based coaching for team sports to coaching individual sports such as swimming, track running athletic field events, gymnastics, martial arts and kayaking. In addition to the ongoing development of game based approaches to coaching team sports it draws on Positive Psychology and the work of medical sociologist, Anton Antonovsky to make learning positive. I learned a great deal id writing this book through the reflection and research it involved and hope that it will stimulate the same thinking, reflection and learning among my peers.

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