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ON January 19, 2010, we didn't have a swim meet with Bishop Canevin as hiring three swim officials was impossible. One was secured. However, two are necessary. Friday afternoon, the coaches talked and the meet was nixed. Bishop Canevin has final exams for the next three days. So, a scrimmage was not desired on their part. The meet might be rescheduled. So, we held a Post Modern Pentathalon.

General Rules & Eligibility:[]

Only swimmers with TWO or MORE cards on the DATA WALL are elibible for awards and prizes. Every swimmer must put their own info onto the data wall. Seasonal best times, splits, etc. are to be posted. Cards and tape in the swim office. Coach G and Coach Mark have results to obtain the info if necessary. Spectators are encouraged to check out the data wall.

  • Competition ends AFTER AM practice on Wed, Jan 20th. So, if a swimmer has music practice, the times can be completed in the morning practice on the 20th.
  • Prizes delivered at afternoon practice on Jan 20. Must be present to win.
  • Complete the events in any order. This scoresheet must be used.



Name: ______________________________________________[]

Event 1: Rings Crunches[]

Two others must witness and count reps with you. Three attempts permitted. Report your best score u to 30. Get one point for each crunch to tuck position without stopping for up to 30 points.

30 POINTS for standard score.

Get five bonus points for doing, after a rest, an additional set of 30 reps in PIKE position.


  • Do 30 Rings Crunches. Only get 7 Pike Crunches = 30 points
  • Do 20 Rings Crunches = 20 points
  • Do 30 Rings Crunches and 30 Ring Crunches in PIKE position and get 35 points.

Min Score = 0; Max Score = 35.

YOUR SCORE for event 1 = _______________________

Event 2: Bench Press[]

Do up to 30 Reps of Bench Press with only the weight of the BAR. Standard score is one point for each rep with the bar.

Min Score = 0; Max Score = 60.

No more than three attempts.

Bonus POINTS: Bench Press the bar with 35 pounds on each side for max number of reps.


  • 30 reps with the bar + 10 reps with two 35 pound weights = 40 total points
  • 24 reps with the bar = 24 points

YOUR SCORE for event 2 = _______________________

Event 3: Box Stretch for Hamstring Flexibility[]

Score range is MINUS 12 to PLUS 12.

Measure the sit and reach test by inches. Positive numbers go beyond the box edge, with fingers that past the toes. Negative numbers are inches away from the box edge. Box sets freely. Hands held in a streamline with the middle fingers on top of each other. A bit of tape on knuckle of longest finger can connect if desired so as to hold fingers together in the reach for an accurate measure.

YOUR SCORE for event 3 = _______________________ (can be a negative number)

Even 4: Ankle and Anterior Leg Stretch and Strength[]

Hold best position for 15 seconds to get credit for the points in that stage. On blue mat. kneel on feet (without shoes). Lean back. Keep your knees on or slightly above the mat.

  1. Point = Kneel and touch hands to mat behind feet for 15 seconds
  2. Points = Kneel and lean back to one elbow for 15 seconds
  3. Points = Kneel and lean back to two elbows to mat for 15 seconds
  4. Points = Kneel and lean back to elbows and head on mat for 15 seconds
  5. Points = Kneel and lean back with one shoulder on mat for 15 seconds
  6. Points = Kneel and lean back with two shoulders on mat for 15 seconds
  7. Points = Kneel and lean back with shoulders and BACK on mat for 15 seconds
  8. Points = Kneel and lean back flat with comfort for minutes
  9. Points = After leaning back, have a partner block on knees and lift torso slightly off the floor
  10. Points = Can lift torso off floor with partner holding knees down
  • 15 Points = Can lift body up without a partner holding knees down.

YOUR SCORE for event 4 = _______________________

Event 5: Perfect 50 Challenge for Time[]

The Perfect 50 Challenge is different from our typical Perfect 50. In the challenge, swimmers are only permitted up to 2 breaths and 10 strokes per length. The Perfect 50 Challenge is for TIME, by seconds.

  • When a DQ (disqualification) occurs, swimmer does 50 press ups and 50 arm swings with each arm, and trys the Perfect 50 Challenge for Time again.
  • Swimmers must do 2 breaths or less per length. So, a swimmer can do 2 breaths down and 2 breaths back. If any length has 3 breaths, then DQ.
  • Swimmer must do no more than 10 freestyle arm stokes per length. Count each time a hand hits the air on a stroke recovery. Ten strokes or less per 25 yards. If 11 stokes are taken on either length, then DQ. Swimmers are able to kick at start, middle and end of each lenght as much as desired.
  • If a swimmer gets distracted while on the blocks, then DQ.
  • If a swimmer does not have the wrists together in the air on the dive and throughout both streamlines, then swim is a DQ.
  • If a swimmer takes a breath in the red zone, DQ. Swimmers must do two or more strokes on each length before taking the first breath.
  • DQs for finish touches that miss the black line in the middle of the lane under the water surface.
  • DQs for all swimmer who fail to show a sign of emotion at the end of the Perfect 50.

SCORE: Do a Perfect 50 for time. Subtract the time from 50 = Event 5 Points.


  • Swim 50 yards in 30 seconds = 20 POINTS.
  • Swim 50 yards in 35 seconds = 15 POINTS.
  • Swim 50 yards in 25 seconds = 25 POINTS.

YOUR SCORE for event 5 = _______________________

Total SCORE = (sum of all five events) = ______________________________________________[]