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Candlestick Park press box 1

Press box at Candlestick Park.

Carter-Finley Stadium

The massive press box at Carter-Finley Stadium

The press box is a special section of a sports stadium or arena that is set up for the media to report about a given event. It is typically located in the section of the stadium holding the luxury box. In general, newspaper writers sit in this box and write about the on-field event as it unfolds. Television and radio announcers broadcast from the press box as well.

The press box is considered to be a working area, and writers, broadcasters, and other visitors to press boxes are constantly reminded of this fact at sporting events. Cheering is forbidden in press boxes, and anyone violating rules against showing favoritism for either team is subject to ejection from the press box by security personnel. The rule against cheering is generally enforced only in the writers' area of the press box, as broadcasters are usually employed by one of the teams involved.

It also refers to a "scratched" or injured player, who is said to be "watching from the press box".


Surveys for Seneca Valley press box approved[]

November 09, 2010, By Jill Cueni-Cohen [1]

Seneca Valley taxpayers spoke out during Monday night's regular school board meeting against proposed plans to build a new $900,000 press box at NexTier Stadium.

In addition, residents presented the board with a petition of 1,100 signatures asking for the spending to stop in a district that is already operating with a $3 million deficit.

Still, contracts for a geotechnical engineering survey and a site plan survey that will cost the district more than $11,000 were approved by board members 6 to 3.

According to Buildings, Grounds & Security Director Ron Lamneck, the surveys must be conducted before any decisions can be made regarding replacement of the existing press box.

"This is not a done deal," said board member Joseph Scalamongna. "It's just an engineering study to find out what can be built here." The original press box was built in 1994 and poses safety concerns.