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Montour renews Propel charter; postpones high school decision

April 29, 2011, by Andrea Iglar freelance writer: suburbanliving@post-gazette.com [1]

The Montour school board unanimously approved Propel Montour's request for a five-year renewal of the school's charter for kindergarten to eighth grade, through June 2016.

But the board did not act on Propel's request to extend its charter to include grades nine to 12.

"We'll take it under advisement and discuss this further, and we'll let you know," Montour board President Ron Smith said.

About 100 students, parents and staff members from the 400-pupil charter school in Kennedy attended the meeting. Supporters asked the board to address the high school proposal as soon as possible.

Jeremy Resnick, the founder and executive director of Propel, said the school originally made the request in July 2010.

"There are children here that are looking for something next fall," he said.


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