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Olympic Qingdao[]



Geographic location and natural environment[]

Qingdao is an eastern Chinese coastal city located between latitude 35°35' to 37°09' and longitude 119°30' to 121°00'. The city faces the Yellow Sea on the east and south, and adjions the cities of Yantai, Rizhao and Weifang to the northeast, southwest and west respectively. The total area of Qingdao is 10,654 square kilometers while the urban area totals 1,102 square kilometers.

Qingdao is a hilly city. A downward slope from south to north characterizes the topography of Qingdao. There are three major mountain ranges: the Daze Mountains which lies to the north, the Jiaonan mountains to the south and the Xiaozhu mountain peak which is 724,9 meters above sea level. The Lao Mountains are in the southeast with the main peak 1132.7 meters above sea level.

Qingdao has a northern temperate zone monsoon climate with the characteristics of a marine climate, such as moist air, abundant rainfall and four distinctive seasons. It is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winter. The annul average temperature is 12.2°C. The hottest month is August with an average temperature of 25°C and the coldest month is January when the temperature averages 1.3° C.

Population and Administrative division[]

The population of Qingdao totals 7,494,200 while the urban population is 2,720,900. The natural population increase is 3.36‰. There are 38 minority nationalities, including Han, Korean, Zhuang and Mongol and their population constitutes 0.15% of the total.

Qingdao has been granted autonomy to undertake economic planning and budgeting, a status enjoyed only by provincial governments. There are 7 urban districts (Shinan, shibei, Sifang, Licang, Laoshan, Chengyang and Huangdao) and 5 county-level cities (Jiaozhou, Jimo, Pingdu, Jiaonan and Laixi) under the jurisdiction of Qingdao.

Details for Olympic Sailing[]

Sailing2008.org 2007-10-17 16:06:18    Office: No. 15 Donghaixi Road, jia, 27/F Tongxin Building, Qingdao, China

Tel: +86-532-66562020

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P.C.: 266071

E-mail: webmaster@sailing2008.org

General office[]

General office is responsible for the general coordination, secretary and administration, document circulation, logistics, reception, marketing and finacing, etc.

Contact Person: Du Wen,Feng Wenping Telephone: +86-532-66562020 E-mail: duwen@sailing2008.org

Human Resources Department[]

Human Resources Department is responsible for the recruitment, the training and management of the paid staff and volunteers, the establishment of the rules and regulations, the management and distribution of the uniforms, the performance check and inspiration of the staff.

Contact Person: Xie Weiwei Telephone: +86-532-66562080 Mobile E-mail: xieweiwei@sailing2008.org

Sports Competition Department[]

Competition management of the 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Sailing Regattas as well as the Test Events in 2006 and 2007, which generally involves the Pre-Games planning and preparations, conducting of the Regattas and Post-Games reports. Major tasks include: Staffing, training and management of the competition team; Planning and operation of the competition venue and Fields of Play; Procurement and management of sailing sport equipments and other supportive equipments; Evaluation and operation of the timing, scoring and results system, etc.

Contact Person: Gao Haiming Telephone: +86-532-66562350 E-mail: gaohaiming@sailing2008.org

Chun QU Competition Manager, Director of Sports Competition Department Main responsibility: Overall Competition Management of the 2008 Olympic Sailing Regatta Telephone: +86-532-66562068 E-mail: quchun@beijing-olympic.org.cn quchun@sailing2008.org

Hai DONG Deputy Director of Sports Competition Department Main responsibility: Administration Management Telephone: +86-532-66562021 Fax: +86-532-66562345 E-mail: donghai@sailing2008.org

Xianli SHAO Main responsibility: Technical Operation and Field of Play Management Telephone: +86-532-66562305 Fax: +86-532-66562345 E-mail: shaoxianli@sailing2008.org

Construction and Environment Protection Department[]

Construnction of Construction and Environment Protection Department Major tasks include: According the construction requirements of ISAF and BOCOG, ask venue owners to fulfil the function and technic standard. According the requirements of BOCOG and Qingdao municipal government, publish normative documents and contingency plan, and supervise operation. Supervise and help venue owners to abide national construction procedure regulations. Ask venue owners and related entities to report progress regularly and put forward requirements. Organize site management, environment, clean and waste operation in test event. Cooperate with other entities to propel related municipal infrastructure. Organize “Green Olympic” environment communication.

Contact Person: Wang Jian Telephone: +86-532-66562070 E-mail: wangjian@sailing2008.org

Games Services Department[]

The Games Services Department is responsible for providing the accredited people with a range of services at Games time, which include Accommodation, Catering, Transport, Medical and Public Health Services, Accreditation, Spectator Services, Olympic Village Operation, and etc.; coordinating with the relevant government agencies and professional organizations in fields of Public Security, Transport, Health and Tourism; and integrating various resources to ensure the accomplishment and implement of all services both before and during Games time.

Contact Person: Liu Wenjing Telephone: +86-532-66562307 E-mail: liuwenjing@sailing2008.org

Technology Department[]

The Technology Department is responsible to integrate the multimedia technology into administrative applications and services. The Technology Department is dedicated to construct and maintain the network system, provide technology supports on telecommunication and internet, monitor the radio frequency and remove the interferences. The Technology Department is also responsible for operating and coordinating the Olympic-related information systems, i.e. the Result System, the Time and Scoring System.

Contact person: Li Suwen Telephone:+86-532-66562073 E-mail:lisuwen@sailing2008.org

Culture and Ceremonies Department[]

The responsibility of Culture and Ceremonies Department is to design, organize, implement the Opening & Closing Ceremonies and Prize-giving Ceremonies of Olympic Sailing Events in 2008 and Test Events in 2006 and 2007,and to hold the cultural activities in competition venue during these events. Besides the mentioned above, Culture and Ceremonies Department is also responsible for organizing a large variety of cultural activities, such as Olympic Cultural Festival, songs, posters and articles collection for Olympic Sailing Regatta and other overseas promotion activities in order to popularize Olympic Sailing Regatta and upgrade the city image of Qingdao.

Contact Person: YangXueRong Telephone: +86-532-66562102 E-mail: yangxuerong@sailing2008.org

Communications and Media Operations Department[]

Communications and Media Operations Department comprises two functional teams. The Communications team is responsible for the general promotion of the Olympic Sailing Regatta, including the management of press conferences, media relationships, publications, public communications, Olympic education, the construction and operation of the official website and the management of the Beijing Olympic News Center Qingdao Sub-center. The Media Operations team is responsible to provide the high quality general facilities and services for members of the accredited written and photographic press and Non-rights-holding Broadcasters (ENR) as well as coordination of broadcasting services for Rights-holding Broadcasters and Host Broadcaster-Beijing Olympic Broadcasting Co., Ltd (BOB).

Contact Person: MeiChunTao Main responsibility: Communication Telephone: +86-532-66562036 E-mail: meichuntao@sailing2008.org

DingXiaoYan Main responsibility: Media Operation Telephone: +86-532-66562101 E-mail: dingxiaoyan@sailing2008.org

ChenLiLi Main responsibility: official website Telephone: +86-532-66562303 E-mail: chenlili@sailing2008.org

Liaison & Protocol Department[]

The Liaison & Protocol Department is responsible for organizing, coordinating and managing foreign affairs as well as reception activities home and abroad. It communicates with BOCOG and related international organizations, deals with issues involved Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, responds to international sailing teams, projects and practises various protocol activities and provides language services.

Contact Person:Li Meng Telephone: +86-532-83092075 E-mail: wllb@sailing2008.org

Olympic Village Operation Department[]

The Olympic Village Operation Department is responsible for the planning and implementation of the whole Village project, supervision of the planning and construction of various projects in the Village, coordination with the owner, services for the Village operation, and organization of accommodation for other clients during the Olympic sailing regatta.

Contact Person: Wang Junyuan Telephone: +86-532-83092301 E-mail: wangjunyuan@sailing2008.org