• Tell us about several achievements (successes) and/or failures (mistakes) and how you handled each.
  • What journals, books, etc. have you read that have influenced you personally and professionally?
  • When you have leisure time, what do you most enjoy doing?
  • What do you consider your three most important qualities.
  • What are you passionate about in education?
  • Briefly give us your philosophy of education with respected to gifted education, children with special needs, technology, middle school philosophy, core curriculum areas.
  • If you had to give three goals for your first year in our district, what would they be?
  • What is your personal vision for the next five years?
  • Describe your management style.
  • Describe how you would communicate with colleagues, parents and students.

Example II - Classroom Environment[edit | edit source]

  • Briefly relate how you might establish and control a positive classroom environment
  • Is there a lesson that you have taught that might do differently next time around - - what and how.

Scenarios:[edit | edit source]

  • React. You receive a phone call from a parent indicating that their child is being picked on in class. What steps would you take to solve the problem?
  • React Your substitute leaves you a note indicating that the class exhibited inappropriate behavior and showed disrespect to each other and the substitute. What would you do?

Academics/Flexibility[edit | edit source]

  • Describe the best lesson you have taught. Explain why you consider it your best lesson.
  • What would you do if a child continually handed in late work?
  • Scenario: React The science lab has run out of the items that you were going to use for your experiment today....what are you going to do?
  • Describe in detail a plan that you would implement at the start of the school year that would include and foster acceptance of a child who was disliked and made a scapegoat the previous year.
  • What types of programs do you envision having in your classroom that encourage children to accept one another and individual differences, both academically and socially?
  • What positive attributes will you offer our staff as a colleague - any interests or expertise in an area that you think will be a benefit to your team Parents/Professionalism.

  • What do you think is a parent's role in the operation of a school?
  • What is your approach to handling a difficult parent (example)

  • What are some ways you plan to keep parents informed/involved? Examples?
  • What do you believe is important for your students to learn by June 2.
  • Describe a difficult student and how you would handle discipline problems

  • Assume it is Nov. and I am visiting your class for 40 minutes....describe the instructional strategies I would see you use.
  • What do you believe are the attributes of effective teachers?
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