A for Athlete


  • A new reason to ride out Populaires . A first step on your way to a RUSA Cup .

* The awards were created to spur new, multi-year goals for riders and encourage riding events of different types and in new places.


The RUSA Cup and American Explorer Awards Launched in 2012[]

  • highly challenging and motivating awards for distance cyclists.


The <http://www.rusa.org/award_cup.html> RUSA Cup is earned by completing
all the types of RUSA events, and riding 5000km in total RUSA events, within
two years. You must complete a 200k, 300k, 400k, 600k, and 1000k brevet, a
1200k-or-longer grand randonnée, a RUSA team event (Flèche, Arrow, or Dart),
and a Populaire. Permanents and foreign events (such as PBP) don't count.
The award is retroactive - you may use past events.

The <http://www.rusa.org/award_amex.html> RUSA American Explorer is earned
by completing RUSA-sanctioned rides (including permanents) in different
states and territories in the United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States. Initial recognition is achieved at the 10-state
level and additional states are earned as you explore the nation. This award
is also retroactive.

  • Ken Knutson (American Explorer administrator), Greg Olmstead
    (RUSA Cup administrator), Jennifer Wise (RUSA Store), James Kuehn (Web and
    database), and in addition, formative ideas from Dan Driscoll and Bill