A for Athlete
Letter R referee

"R" for "Referee."

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Student official or referee in water polo game at Swim & Water Polo Camp.

Dan and Grant poolside

Dan and Grant poolside


Becoming a Referee[]

A Referee is a way to make some money in sport. For some, it can be a profession, job and a career in sports.


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Here’s a few things to keep in mind for those of you who have kids playing football this fall:

1. You may have been watching college or NFL football for years, but your child is playing according to high school rules. In fact, there’s over 100 rules differences between the three levels.

2. Before you decided to yell at the refs, keep in mind that they’ve attended rules and mechanics meetings and passed a rules exam. You’ve done none of this.

3. New officials are put on youth games for the same reason your 10 year old doesn’t get to play varsity: they have to develop too.

4. Even if your kid is good enough to get a football scholarship one day, his coach isn’t going to care about the bad game he had when he was 12.

5. Mistakes in officiating will be eliminated when fumbles, dropped passes, missed assignments, and blown coverage are eliminated as well.

6. Every year, it gets harder and harder to find officials for youth football. The reason? The parents. Think about this before you decide to post a video of call you don’t like so you and a bunch of other people who’ve never read a rule book can debate a call you don’t like. I I I Copied this off a football officials group page!