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See Rivers of Steel, as there was a merger in 2016.


From August 2012 board minutes from Pittsburgh Public Schools[]

Donation from RiverQuest ($S9,790)-Educational Programming RESOLVED, That the Board of Education authorizes its proper officers to accept programming during the 2012-2013 school year from RiverQuest, a non-profit educational organization that operates a river learning center for students, teachers, and the Southwestern community. The RiverQuest programs engage students of all ages in hands-on learning while exploring Pittsburgh's Three Rivers. Participation includes the use of a RiverQuest Environmental Science Captain's Chest for two weeks prior to the trip, and participation in an on-board teacher workshop (after school) for educators new to the RiverQuest experience. Through the support of area corporations, foundations, and individuals, RiverQuest is able to offer this programming to the Pittsburgh Public Schools at no cost to the schools. In addition to the funding for its programs, RiverQuest will reimburse schools for bus transportation. The average cost of programming is $900 per classroom excluding transportation cost. As of July 31,2012, twenty-three schools have requested programming at a cost totaling $59,790. RESOLVED, FURTHER, That the Board expresses its appreciation and thanks to RiverQuest for this generous gift to the District.