Lessons and activities for Swim & Water Polo Camp, SDA16, are taking shape and follow.

The delivery of these lessons depends upon factors not fully in control of the BGC's Executive Head Coach.

Excellent systems with wide opportunities for additional students, youth leaders and multiple facilities are desired. Less than ideal conditions exist with the school site selection and distant pool access.

Lesson Plan Overview: Swim & Water Polo CampEdit

Working Document prepared by Mark Rauterkus, 412-298-3432,


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Calendar span: M T W Th F
Week 1, June 25-June 29 1 2 3 4 5
Week 2, July 2, to 4th = off, July 6 6 7 off 8 9
Week 3, July 9-13 10 11 12 13 14
Week 4, July 16-20 15 16 17 18 19
Week 5, July 23-28 20 21 22 23 24
Week 6, July 30 to August 1 25 26 27

More events plus happenings in August and September and throughout the year are detailed at our calendar.

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Supplements to these lessons:Edit

Pending and Looming Edit

Scope of interaction for Summer Dreamers and Pittsburgh Public SchoolsEdit

Extra swimming is NOT part of the sanctioned activities with Pittsburgh Public SchoolsEdit

Students, families, guardians, parents, staff and community members need to understand that opportunities outside of Summer Dreamers is communicated clearly so that all the adults at home, in the schools and in the community are fully advised that those EXTRA activities will not be Summer Dreamers events. So, if we go swimming at North Park, Ammon, North Side and such, all those events are NOT sponsored by Pittsburgh Public Schools nor Summer Dreamers.

Transportation ScopeEdit

  • Summer Dreamers happens on 27 days and ends every day at 4 pm. PPS handles transportation needs with school buses for students from their home neighborhoods to school in the mornings, then after lunch from the school to the pool, then around 3:30 pm from the pool back to the school and finally around 4 pm from the school to students' home neighborhoods.
  • As an activity provider, PPS does not approve of the Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation coaches nor staff for taking Summer Dreamers’ Campers on personal rides to open swimming at other sites. The only off site swimming that will occur with Summer Dreamers is at Pittsburgh Brashear High School. All that transportation is to occur on a school bus.
  • Optional swimming opportunities in the community are being suggested to the parents and guardians of the campers. All of those events are optional and each family needs to handle their own transportation. Neither PPS nor the BGC provides transportation to or from the pool parties, evening water polo and the Pittsburgh Bicentennial Parade.

Programming ScopeEdit

Being Present and Time of Day IssuesEdit

  • See the google calendar at for other details on dates and times.
  • Students go to academic classes in the morning. Activities happen only in the afteroons.
  • Time will tell. We hope to have the lunch period moved forward in the day for our students. 

Daily times for SDA16Edit

At 1:20 the students go from lunch or recess to the activity providers. That is 1:20 pm. Students in Swim & Water Polo should be able to board a bus around then. Expected arrival to the swim pool at Brashear is 1:40 pm. That is 1:40 pm. The lesson plans for the swim pool time begin at 1:40 pm. The warm-up, fitness, exercises and reviews happen out of the water and in so that the lesson is in full swing by 2 pm. 2:00 pm. At 2:20, the lesson topics switch to game play for water polo and/or SKWIM. 2:20 pm. At 2:40, game play should be happening.

The lesson plan documents call for doing press-ups, sportsmanship /teamwork talks, debreif and exiting the pool between 3:20 and 3:30 pm. That is 3:20 pm. At 3:30 pm, the students need to be out of the pool and headed to the bus at Brashear. That is 3:30 pm. The bus needs to depart Brashear by 3:35 pm to arrive back to Carmalt at 3:50 pm.

Mark-up tips for the server-side includes:Edit

  • 1:20 pm = 1:20 pm. {{SDA16-PM_Arrival}}
  • 1:40 pm = 1:40 pm. {{SDA16-Pool_Arrival}}
  • 2:00 pm = 2:00 pm. {{SDA16-Swim-Lesson}}
  • 2:20 pm = 2:20 pm. {{SDA16-Game-Lesson}}
  • 2:40 pm = 2:40 pm. {{SDA16-Game-Play}}
  • 3:20 pm = 3:20 pm. {{SDA16-Pool_Press-ups}}
  • 3:30 pm = 3:30 pm. {{SDA16-Pool_Exit}}

Non-swimmers might have alternatives in SDA16Edit

  • The plan below did not occur. All the students needed to go to the swim pool, even if they did not swim.
    • Some students (perhaps 5 to 12) on most days are going to stay at Carmalt with an artist / coach to work on painting and murals. Those are the students that do not have their swim suits, etc. On the first day, everyone goes to Brashear. Attendance is taken with our and its OnDeck Coach app. See Check-in students who remain at Carmalt with ¾ attendance. Those that get on the bus to swim get ¼. Then upon returning to Carmalt, everyone gets full check.

Taking AttendanceEdit

  • We hope to use an attendance app called, OnDeck, from TeamUnify.
  • In 2017, the app did not get deployed as the names and details of the students was never provided by PPS staff.

Site SpecificEdit

We have lifeguards on staff for the indoor pools. Printed copies of lifeguard certifications are provided to the custodians at each facility in advance of swimming for the season.

Age ConsiderationsEdit


  • In 2018, students are going to be in the middle-school grades as there is a new campus devoted only to those in grades 6, 7 and 8.
  • In the past, students' grades, ages and swimming skills assigned to Swim & Water Polo are uncertain. Plans are subject to changes once abilities of each squad is assessed.

Safety emphasis comes in week 1 and 2.Edit

  • Coaches expectations, pool rules, and talk of behaviors comes every day.
  • Listening to the coaches and having everyone's attention while in a busy setting (at the pool) is stressed.
  • Using the whistle as a cue is practiced. Hear the whistle, then stop. Water polo players have to really focus on the whistle and react urgently when a call is made.
  • Safety content is a cornerstone to SKWIM / Level 1 and 2.
  • The swim content from the tablet include many safety messages and that focus comes in week.
  • Talk of safety from the coaches comes in the opening of the session in the team meeting and with announcements. More talk of safety comes in the break between run and swim activities.
  • Review on SKWIM safety, Pre-Lifeguard and the content on the tables have many reinforcements to safety.

Social Skills emphasis comes in weeks 3, 4 and 5.Edit

  • Restorative circles are going to be introduced to campers in 2018. This happens with the team meeting every day.
  • Efforts with the Sportsmanship and Teamwork occur within huddles among players and coaches after in-camp competitions. Safety and injury discussions are part of those sessions.

Lesson emphasis by week:Edit

Literacy emphasis by week:Edit

  • Photos are taken and uploaded to TeamUnify's app on day 1.
  • The A for Athlete Ebook is explored in week 1.
  • Care of Android tablets is explained. Turn on, turn off, number, check-out / check-in, re-charging.
  • Android tablets are explored in week 1 with various lessons.
  • Back-up books explained.
  • Mural plan discussed with students.
  • A clear description of the integrated writing component needs expansion and details. What is the curriculum of the writing activity?

Competitive Swimming emphasis by week: Edit

  • Week 1, Freestyle, streamlines, spinning from front to side to back and staying on side for breath and recovery. Breath holding swimming and kicking. Stroke counts, finish-up and DPS.
  • Week 2, Breastroke, kicking, jumping, treading 
  • Week 3, Backstroke, diving, starts 
  • Week 4, Butterfly, turns, sculling.
  • Week 5, Individual Medley, distance swimming, aerobic threshold 

SKWIM emphasis by week:Edit

  • Week 1: Disk passing. Rules of the game. Keep-a-way game with opponents.
  • Week 2: Passing teamwork. Types of passes.
  • Week 3: Fakes, breaks and lakes.
  • Week 4: Defensive positions in passing lanes. Moving without the disk.
  • Week 5: Strategies. In game communication with mates. Being patient.

Water polo emphasis by week:Edit

  • Week 1: Rules, ball handling, shooting, intro to goalie play for everyone.
  • Week 2: Egg beater kicking, body positions, umbrella formation, hole play, ball side defense.
  • Week 3: Faking, Counter attacks, square out, v-back, drivers, outside turns (turning the opponent).
  • Week 4: Player advantage (man-up and man-down), sloughing.
  • Week 5: Match-ups, game play, trick shots.

Exercise emphasis by week: Edit

  • Week 1: Press ups Full range of motion, arm swing routine, ballistic stretching, medicine balls, twisting, giant steps. 
  • Week 2: Static stretching, yoga stretching, partner kicking, jousting 
  • Week 3: Abs, core, rings, creeping, vertical kicking , tucking 
  • Week 4: Underwater kicking on back, fin kicking, 
  • Week 5: Planks, wall sits.

Olympic discussions with an emphasis each week:Edit

  • Week 1: Nations of the Olympics. Name some. Flag quiz. Full names. English name. Initials. Colors of the rings and nations.
  • Week 2: Sports of the Olympics. Winter vs. Summer. X-Games. New sports. Oldest sports. Exhibition Sports. Scholastic sports. Sports clubs in our city.
  • Week 3: Locations of the Olympics. Host cities. Participant totals. Cultures. Team strengths by sports. Top seeds by sports. Local Olympians.
  • Week 4: Team USA. Possible stars. Past medal winners.
  • Week 5: Past highlights. Movies about Olympics. Setting the stage. Nicknames. Olympic village. Training Centers.

Site Specific Notes:Edit


The pool at U-Prep is small. It is not well suited for bigger kids to play water polo. We'll do more SKWIM.


Camp South Hills / Brashear, has a pool. We'll swim there every day. A bus or two is provided by PPS to take swimmers and staff from school to school.

We have lifeguards on staff for the indoor pools. When and if we go to the outdoor pools, we do not need to have lifeguards as there are Citiparks guards on duty. Printed copies of lifeguard certifications are provided to the custodians at each facility in advance of swimming for the season.

Week 1 Edit

Week one emphasis on press ups. Do press ups with one hand, front, back, along the wall and even in the deep water. We’ll test and measure press ups for endurance and speed. We'll do press ups three times a day.

By week two, press ups continue but done only once or twice a day. Other strength exercises are introduced throughout the five weeks, attempting to reach benchmarks. As the kids strengthen day-to-day and week-to-week, they’ll be amazed at how they can deal with muscle soreness and how much better they can control their body weight. For example, holding a one-hand press up for 4 seconds on the first day might be improved to a 30-second one-handed press up by the last week.

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