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Calendar span: M T W Th F
Week 1, June 25-June 29 1 2 3 4 5
Week 2, July 2, to 4th = off, July 6 6 7 off 8 9
Week 3, July 9-13 10 11 12 13 14
Week 4, July 16-20 15 16 17 18 19
Week 5, July 23-28 20 21 22 23 24
Week 6, July 30 to August 1 25 26 27

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To do[edit | edit source]

Race day #1[edit | edit source]

  • Give instructions on how a race is conducted.
    • Swimmers, Take Your Marks, ...
    • Finishes. And,
    • Rule following.
  • We will get a "ready bench" for following heats. Need a bullpen coordinator.
  • Race 3 times for each event. Must do two.
    • Finish judges calls out, "Gold for 1st, Silver for 2nd. Bronze for 3rd."
    • Four swimmers per heat.
  1. First race = prelims.
  2. Second race = semi finals
  3. Third race = finals. Must have gotten a gold medal to be in finals.
  • Mix up heats.

Events to compete:[edit | edit source]

#1.[edit | edit source]

Jump and run across pool one time. DQ if swim or go to horizontal or dive.

#2.[edit | edit source]

Jump and twist in air 90-degrees. Then run backwards to other side. DQ if swim or go forward.

#3.[edit | edit source]

Bob to other side. Must do at least 10 jumps -- verbalized so others can hear the count. DQ if feet come apart.

#4.[edit | edit source]

Jump and swim to other side. DQ if touch the bottom of pool beyond the first entry.

#5.[edit | edit source]

Jump and Kick with a kick board without fins to the other side. DQ if either hand come off of the board.

#6.[edit | edit source]

From a push-off with fins - kick 2 widths with kick board. Hands can move.

#7.[edit | edit source]

From a push-off with fins, kick 1 width on back. One hand over head near end of pool. DQ if swim.

#8.[edit | edit source]

Swim with fins, 2 widths. DQ if dive.

#9.[edit | edit source]

Relay. Boys vs. Girls, fins okay. Each person does 1 width. Each relay has 4 people.

#10[edit | edit source]

Relay, Catch-up style. Start at opposite ends of pool. All boys vs. All girls. Swim or kick. Fins okay. Winning team catches up and passes other team 2 consecutive lengths.

  • Next time we do a race day we will do lengths.

Video[edit | edit source]

Exercises[edit | edit source]

  • PYOW_Pull_Your_Own_Weight_Straps
  • Operation: Pull Your Own Weight.
    • Can you do a pull up?
    • Can you find a place to do pull-ups at your house?
    • Can you make and hang a set of straps for pull-ups?
    • Can you count to 8? How about all the way to 12?
    • Can you jump and count at the same time?
    • How are you going to shorten the rope by 1-inch after you do 12 pull ups?
    • Can you post a photo or video of yourself in the Pull Your Own Weight (log)?

Olympic Videos[edit | edit source]


GoPro Two Roads with Allison Stokke Ep. 1 - Pole Vault

Swimming Breastroke, arms and legs[edit | edit source]


Breastroke by Michael, of Sci-Tech

Lesson Notes, Week 2, Day 6[edit | edit source]

Lesson: Diving Safety (ebook)   History of swim strokes:

Timing and coordination for Breaststroke:

Breaststroke Kicking Drills:[edit | edit source]

l. Using kick board, arms at full stretch, kick breaststroke, head up, chin out of water.  

2. Kick breaststroke, using board with face in the water (accentuate glide to develop streamlining of body).

  3. Kick breastroke, using board, face in water breathe every second kick.

  4. Kick breaststroke, with board, breathing every kick (chin on water to breathe, face on water to breathe out).

  5. Using board, kick breastroke counting kicks.  

6. As skill 5, try to kick one less (develop strength in leg drive) proceed until swimmer has got the minimum number of kicks, and remains proficient.  

7. Holding kick board at right angles to water surface, kick breaststroke (develops power of kick).  

8. Arms extended, face on water, kick breastoke, raising chin out of water to breathe.  

9. Arms extended, chin on water, kick breaststroke (develops power of kick).  

10. With arms at sides, fingers pointing to feet, kick breaststroke, touching feet, ankles or toes before kicking. (This regularizes kick, keeps knees narrower, and strengthens kick.) Face in water raising chin to breathe.  

11. As drill 10, but keep chin on water. (Power increase.) Breast arms with hand speed, slow-medium-fast, then stop and glide.

  • Introduction of swim paddles.
  • Safe side passing
  • Umbrella #s without the hole scores a point.
  • Player and referee communications.
  • Lesson: Beach and Lake Safety (ebook)

Timeline, Week 2, Day 6[edit | edit source]

1:40 pm

Welcome students

Change into suits

Introduction of activities

Warm-up exercises

Lesson: Diving Safety (ebook)

History of swim strokes:

Timing and coordination for Breaststroke:

Fitness lesson

Aquatic fitness workout

Introduction of swim paddles.

Swim with paddles.

2:20 pm

Skills and drills for water polo - body

Hole Defense kicking power

Skills and drills for water polo - goals

When to make a hole pass

Teamwork emphasis

Hole pass and return. Wet and dry passing.

Review, re-group, challenges

Umbrella #s without the hole scores a point.

2:40 pm

Water polo game play

Player and referee communications.

Umbrella #s without the hole scores a point.

press ups

exit pool

Journal recap w ConceptMaps

Olympic discussions

Video Highlight

Get on bus. Insure all participants have departed.

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