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Lifeguard Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Fueled_by_Water_-_Mike_Inscore Our kids should think about growing up and being a lifeguard in the years to come. Getting a lifeguard is a job of responsibility. All the dependable swimmers can get lifeguard jobs, unlike those who play other sports. The lifeguard shortage makes hiring conditions favorable. There are college scholarships for lifeguards too.

Water Polo[edit | edit source]

This video shows a lot of great exercises, but the video is a little old. Perhaps we can make some videos that are just as good or even better. Who can demonstrate? Who can hold the camera without it making the viewers sea sick?


Notes for Week 2, Lesson 7[edit | edit source]

Lesson: Assisting Self (ebook)   Lesson: Kick with other equipment, such as life jacket, PFD, water jug, ring bouey, weight, shoe, something that should not be wet (pretend it is your iPod),

Freestyle review:

32. Swim front crawl, hesitating recovery at arm pit, before entry. (Improves the high elbow position strengthens kick and assists a cleaner entry).   33. Catch-up front crawl used by some coaches to improve alignment and to lengthen stroke. Swimmer pushes off with both hands and arms extended, then pulls with right arm (or left), through the movement stopping on surface on contact with left hand (or right), which then operates as opposite hand did previously. Thus the swimmer continues. (Many coaches doubt the side-effect of this drill, which can cause a slide and glide type of stroke).

Umbrella and drivers

Face off plays, Sprinters to ball.

GOALIE Training begins in earnest. Arms of goalie go up, out of water, when the ball goes up. Solid kicking. Look at defenders. Talk to defense.

Video[edit | edit source]


Understanding Talent

Understanding Talent

New in 2017[edit | edit source]

For the campers at U-Prep.[edit | edit source]

  • London-Bridges or Sq. Hill Tunnel. Swim under kickboards.
  • Steamline across the width of the pool.
  • Do catch-up drill.
  • How about kicking with fins, with kickboard, lengths. Do 10 lengths as a marathon effort.
  • Somersaults, single, then multiple.
  • Intro to flip turns
  • Passing with one hand with water polo balls.
  • Shooting types: Baseball, wrist, push, reverse, trick shots.
  • We've been shooting onto the red starting block as a goal.
  • SKWIM game, long ways, and okay to use lifejackets.
  • Do 3 strokes free, 3 strokes backstroke.
  • Try out the pull boueys.
  • Try out swimming with life jackets.

  • Dry time: Talk about Shallow Water Blackout and breath holding.
  • Take selfies with Android devices.

Flip Turn sequence[edit | edit source]

Movie was made by Cloe Sutton, a champion swimmer. It is posted on the Facebook group at too. Here are some slides of the sequence. Use two kickboards, one in each hand.

Timeline for Week 2, Lesson 7[edit | edit source]

1:40 pm

Welcome students

Change into suits

Introduction of activities

Warm-up exercises

Lesson: Assisting Self (ebook)

Lesson: Kick with other equipment, such as life jacket, PFD, water jug, ring bouey, weight, shoe, something that should not be wet (pretend it is your iPod),

Fitness lesson

Aquatic fitness workout

Duck walk. Bear walk. Crab walk. Go around the pool deck or other dry area.

Swim lesson tasks

Advance lesson tasks

Swim skills and drills set

test and measurement

2:20 pm

Teamwork emphasis

Face off plays, Sprinters to ball.

Review, re-group, challenges

Umbrella review

2:40 pm

Water polo game play

Umbrella and drivers

Water polo game play

GOALIE Training begins in earnest.

press ups

exit pool

Journal recap w ConceptMaps

Olympic discussions

Video Highlight

Get on bus. Insure all participants have departed.

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