A for Athlete


Program of USA Swimming started in 2011 with a new brand.


Athlete Partnership: 35 National Team athletes signed the 2011-2012 Athlete Partnership Agreement. There are a few new faces to the program including Elaine Breeden, Brendan Hansen, Nick Brunelli, Annie Chandler, Claire Donahue, Matt McLean, Alex Meyer, Kevin Swander, Davis Tarwater, and Rex Tullius.

It is only a few months into this year’s program and we already have 32 of the 70 appearances either completed or booked.

We will be giving the program a new public-facing name to replace the internal term “APA.” We have asked the swimmers to use “SwImpact” to describe the program.

Twitter hashtag: #swIMPACT (which has already been used by some of our APA athletes and followers). In an effort to extend our athlete appearances to organizations outside of the world of swimming world, Emily Silver compiled a list of APA member’s favorite charities and has started contacting the charities asking if they would like to work with specific USA Swimming National Team members.

Videos and other content relating to swIMPACT can be found on our website under National Team Features > Swimmers in the Community.