A for Athlete


Career Highlights:

Competed at the 2007 Pan American Games, earning gold for her participation on the 400m free relay and silver in the 100m fly ... finished seventh in the 50m free at the 2007 Conoco Phillips National Championships ... at the 2005 Junior Nationals, was named the High Point Award winner

Pan Am Games

2007: Gold, 400m FR-R; Silver, 100m FL; 6, 50m FR

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Nationals

2007: 6th, 50 FR; 7th, 100 FR, 4th 100m FL

2007 World Rankings:

35th, 50m free; 58th, 100m free; 69th, 50m fly; 17th, 100m fly;

2006 World Rankings:

52nd, 50m free; 115th, 100m free; 56th, 100m fly


National Teams: 2006 National Junior Team High School: National Merit semi-finalist ... valedictorian ... Academic All-American


High School: Edmond Memorial HS ’08

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams

Medical profession 

Family, Village, Community

Parents: Pete and Victoria Woodward … father is chemical engineer and mother is a retired teacher … Pete played football at the University of Oklahoma and Victoria swam at the University of Connecticut Sibling(s): Older sister (Leslie) attends Baylor University Sports Played Before Swimming: Soccer, football, hockey, basketball, karate Nickname(s): Sam, Wib, Squishy … got this from the movie, “Finding Nemo” Pet(s): One dog (Boomer) that she’s had since 1997 … he ate a chair once Hobbies Outside the Pool: Playing guitar, wakeboarding Ultimate Way to Relax: Listening to music, wakeboarding and reading Most Influential Person: Sister ... "She knows what to do in every situation and understands me."

Training Notes


Swims 10,000 yards per day, 4 hours a day, 6 days a week Favorites: Movie: Stardust ... t.v. show: America's Next Top Model ... bands: Relient K, Jack Johnson, The Eagles

International Medals

2007 Pan American Games 2007: Gold, 400m FR-R

Top Times

Event Best Year 50m FR 25.56 Jul 07 100m FR 55.80 Jun 07 100m FL 58.93 Jul 07 200m FL 2:13.97 Jan 08


SCY NATS - t5 Final, 50y FR; 15 Final, 100y FR; t7 Final, 100y FL; 14 Final, 200y FL SUM NATS - 6 Final, 50m FR; 7 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 100m FL; 32 Final, 400m FR-R; 39 Final, 800m FR-R; 60 Final, 400m MED-R PAN AMS - 1 Final, 400m FR-R


US OPEN - 10 Final, 50m FR; 6 Final, 100m FL JR NATS - 1 Final, 50m FR; 23 Final, 200m FR; 1 Final, 100m FL; 5 Final, 200m FL; 3 Final, 200m IM SUM NATS - 7 Final, 50m FR; 16 Final, 100m FR; 11 Final, 100m FL SPG CHAMPS - 2 Final, 50m FR; 7 Final, 100m FR; 2 Final, 100m FL; 12 Final, 200m FL; 18 Final, 200m IM


US OPEN - 9 Final, 50m FR; 18 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 100m FL; 23 Final, 200m FL; 17 Final, 200m IM JR NATS - 1 Final, 50m FR; 5 Final, 100m FR; 1 Final, 100m FL; 6 Final, 200m FL; 6 Final, 200m IM SUM NATS - 19 Final, 100m FL


US OPEN - 16 Final, 50m FR; 4 Final, 100m FL