A for Athlete

Email from August 19, 2009 from Mark Rauterkus to the SHS AD, K.S.[]

Can you give me a call some time? Please do not call from 11 am to 12:30 pm, as that is when I'm with the kids at the swim pool (Ammon)f or practice. Perhaps we could have lunch.

We've had up to 40 kids playing water polo on one day last week in TheHill District. A bulk of the kids are Schenley / Frick.

We should talk about the following:[]

  • August progress
  • Next week's plans
  • Game at IUP
  • Opening of Schneley's pool
  • Pool time in the fall
  • Fall schedule with matches
  • Middle School waterpolo for 8th, 7th and 6th graders
  • eligibility of kids from CAPA, Dice, U-PREP and Peabody
  • Entry into NA tournament
  • Obtaining water polo goals (building / storing)
  • Obtaining water polo balls
  • Cooperation with Chatham Univ (for home matches)
  • Hosting a fall tournament with or at Chatham
  • Officials
  • Recruitment of more kids
  • Swim lessons - Saturday swim school
  • Swim Assistance for the feeder Elem Schools of PPS
  • Cooperation with Kingsley Association
  • Looking to the PPS RFP (just out) about summer 2010.
  • Cooperation with Ozanam Program
  • Cooperation with other swim pools / schools in PPS especially,
    • Peabody, Brashear and Pgh Classical Academy

Email from Mark Rauterkus to the PA Water Polo organizer, R.R.[]

Hi Coach,

We are new to the scene in Water Polo in PA.


The Principal at Schenley High School, Pittsburgh Public Schools
(District 8 - not WPIAL) sent a letter to the PIAA saying we'd offerwater polo as a nonvarsity sport this fall.

We've been doing some community play with Citiparks and plenty of the
kids from Schenley are engaged. We can't get into the school's pooluntil September.

I think we will be able to field a boys squad and a girls squad.

Question #1: Is it okay to field a team in our first year with 8th graders? Our school has a new model and will be from grades 6 to 12.[]

Answer: NO. Those in 8th grade are not allowed to play high school sports. However, a middle school program exists for those in 8th, 7th and 6th grade. And, it might be okay to use older kids in those games if it is cleared in advance.

Question #2: Is it okay to get athletes from other schools within the Pgh Public School's district?[]

Case in point: Our Creative and Performing Arts School, CAPA, has no sports team (except ultimate frisbee I hear). Can we get letters from principals so that the kids at CAPA can be a part of our team at Schenley?

In swimming, for example, there is some joining of students onto other schools sports teams. The U-Prep school is only 9th grade for 2009-10. They will join with Schenley. So, we are getting used to the sharingof athletes among different sports among different schools.

Answer: Cooperative agreements among schools with athletes can be obtained with letters from the principals. So, it is possible.

Question #3: We could use a set of caps for the teams / play.[]

I've got one set from early 90s. But even now we are getting short on caps. I heard thatfrom time to time a set is granted to a new program for its start-up.

Additional caps are now on hand.

Question #4: What can we expect for games this year? And, what about next year?[]

Coach Semler from North Allegheny made up a 6 week season where we
play 3 other schools home and away. But, how do we proceed into the real water polo program with an opportunity to play more and bettercompetition?

Answer: See the schedule page.

Question #5: Should we advance the hope of holding a tournament ourselves with the help of Chatham University?[]

I've been a volunteer coach there for the past two years. They are open to the idea, but want to have insurance that the teams will come and it will be a real event. Since Chatham is a womens college, they are MOST interested in getting the girls high school players to campus and to a hosted event, naturally. Schenley High School is just a mile or so from Chatham. Chatham has a splendidfacility, shot clocks, etc.