A for Athlete



The GASP School Flag program was used at all PPS Summer Dreamers sites with the Swim & Water Polo Campers. We had five locations: Faison, U-Prep in The Hill District, CAPA, PCA in the West End and Carmalt in the South. Most sites got the flags on the flag pole, but at PCA we had our own set up and walked the flag with the kids to the field each day. The flag was like a banner that one of the coaches carried. At U-Prep, the flag hung in the school cafeteria.

We had a great summer in 2013 watching the weather and it was fine, except for that one super hot week. The kids got a much better awareness of the science and conditions and how those can impact our outdoor play thanks to the school flag program.

We got a few sets of the flags on loan and purchased a couple of sets too. Next year we'll do the same program as it is important to be aware of the air quality when getting our kids into race shape for a one mile running contest in August.

Ryan stoop-3rd

Hard to see the flag, but Max has it wrapped around the pole. It is orange. He carried the flag to the track for the runs and would wave it about as part of their activities each day.