A for Athlete


  • Building was sold to a developer and is being converted to apartments / condos in 2010.
  • Building is historic, and has an annex that is still owned by Pittsburgh Public Schools. The anex building is yellow brick and sits on 10th Street next to the BP gas station. See South Vo Tech Annex for more details there.


South Vo Tech High School Value In Accessibility.[]

Getting to South High School is Easy, from anywhere in the city, and from downtown Access to South High School is unmatched. Out of all the properties that are owned by the Pittsburgh Public Schools, South High might be the easiest to access from anywhere in the city.

Students can get to South via public transportation, and many do. At dismissal time at the end of the school day, the flood of students onto the buses is obvious. It is hard to get onto a PAT bus as the students are let out of school, as there are so many folks and too few seats.

South High and the area was the choice location for:

  • all football games played in the city
  • the PFT headquarters and credit union
  • the school district building and grounds headquarters
  • Getting to Brashier and other places is hard work
  • Some students have to spend a good amount of time to get to and from schools. The bus combinations and travel is not to be discounted.

Because of Access -- City Wide Programs Should Be Hosted at South[]

While it is great to have a school site where 300 students and the respective staff access the South High School, perhaps the greater good would be served to have 300,000 citizens of the region access South High School instead.

To host a regional menu of activities, one needs to attract participation from a regional base of participants. People from throughout the city and people from around the county and beyond, would be able to get to South High School. The location is not going to be a sticking point for attraction of people from our many, diverse and sometimes secluded enclaves and villages that make up Pittsburgh.

The numbers of 300 students x 5 days per week makes for 1,500 total visits each week when school is in session without football traffic. When the operations of Passion Park are functional, more than 2,000 visits to the site can occur on a daily basis.

Board meetings, volunteer efforts, seminars, workouts, and other functions that fit into the "electronic town hall" mission of this site can occur at South High, and expect to be successful because of the excellent location and smooth access.

People from all around the area would not be as willing to travel to any other property as South High School.

The Objection: Keep South High School as a High School Because It is Tops in Accessibility for Students Makes a Less Valid Claim vs. a Repositioning of South High School as a Meca for Greater Community Use for a Greater Numbers of Citizens and Students

The greater good is going to be served by making a region suite of activities that garner greater levels of interactions at South High. This is not "anti-students." But this goes beyond "only students." This plan's vision builds upon the strength of South. South is a destination for the entire city for all football games. Let's make South a destination for many more activities that go well beyond football and include opportunities for lots of participation.

Advantageous Locations[]

We want to make Pittsburgh a place where ideas can meet, interact and relationships can be built and strengthened. In the past, our three rivers carried raw materials to the mills and steel was produced. In the future, places like South High can be fertile grounds for the milling of ideas and the creation of new perspectives for the digital economy to come. But, just as the mills held a lock on certain pieces of property along the rivers in the past decades, we have to be certain to make spaces for our "mind mills" of tomorrow by putting them in places that are advantageous locations to hosting a diversity of input.

Wide Span of Ages for Participants[]

People of all ages need to use South High School, if it can be repositioned to another use. All people have bodies that need to be

Wild Suggestion[]

Perhaps the Board of Education would be better served in holding its public meetings at South High School rather than in its current location in Oakland. The Oakland site has limited parking and can be a nightmare with traffic when evening events are held at the Carnegie Music Hall or Heinz Chapel. South High School, if it gets re-deployed as a community hub site, would be well suited for these meetings. Rebroadcasting opportunities would be present as well.