When is the fit obvious?[edit | edit source]

The term “elephant test” is sometimes used to describe situations in which an idea or object is hard to describe, but instantly recognizable when viewed. Fit between sponsor and property can often be considered an idea where the elephant test is in play. Audiences will often have a feel for whether a sponsor and property fit together, even if they have difficulty defining why.

The “why,” however, is typically based on at least one seven common types of fit:

  • Use — when sports participants or audience members are likely to use the sponsoring brand
  • Size similarity– when the brand and property are equally prominent
  • Audience similarity– when the brand and the event share the same target audience
  • Geographic similarity — when the brand and property have the same scope of influence
  • Attitude similarity– when there is equal liking of the brand and property
  • Image similarity — when both brand and property have equivalent meaning or image in consumers’ minds
  • Time duration — when the brand and property go together because of historic ties

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