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Copyright can be reserved by the PPS for all of its written and electronic materials developed by the district. All written and electronic materials developed by Mark Rauterkus, CLOH.Org, its employees, its volunteers and even associated campers are put into the public domain. These elements are considered content contributions. The wiki, CLOH.wikia.org, deploys an educational and institutional standard license that matches that used at Wikipedia.org. Derivative works of other copyright materials are expected to be handled by staff and campers, and those work products and outcomes are exempt from the over-reaching claim of copyright ownership of PPS. Likewise, derivative works of open-source materials also skirt the PPS prior assertion of copyright ownership within the RFP.

PPS can access for re-use and re-mix CLOH.org content creations without attribution, without share-alike clauses, for any commercial and non-commercial use. In the future, PPS is encouraged to deploy a philosophy that matches that details at learn.creativecommons.org.

Elements 10B, Trademark and Trade Name; 10C, Use of Name; and 10D, Ownership; do not present problems.[]

Upon contract approval, specific ownership details and permissions will be obtained through proper channels with the PPS Solicitor and Board.


In June, 2009, the Wikimedia Foundation board approved the adoption of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike (CC BY-SA) license as the main content license for Wikipedia and other Wikimedia sites. More than 700 sites in more than 250 languages deploy this license, including Wikia.com and CLOH.wikia.com.

Mark Rauterkus is a strong advocate for the unification of free culture licensing.

All modern, literacy themed, camp experience with public school students should have stated goals and lessons that are committed to the free dissemination of information. This open-source philosophy is woven into the day-to-day efforts at this camp, and perhaps, with coordination at higher levels, it can be made universal throughout the PPS and interjected into the other camps in the future.