A for Athlete


  • Publishing company founded by Mark Rauterkus in late 1980s.
  • Began in California and then would re-locate with its founder to Illinois and Pennsylvania.
  • Motto: Intelligence Products and Progressive Publishing


Business Development Plan from the past[]




The SSS, a publishing, editing and distributing firm for sports-oriented books, was founded as a sole proprietorship.

Having started as a one-man operation, Mark Rauterkus began by collecting an inventory of more than 300 titles and creating a catalogue. The concentration on sports, particularly, Volleyball, Triathlon, Aquatics and Coaching allowed SSS the chance to develop and control its growth.

The growth has been two-fold:

  • Entrance into the publishing end of book sales and,
  • increased sales, particularly the more profitable ones from its own publications.
  • The SSS's challenge is to expand information accessibility in the sports communication business by linking technical knowledge to the consumer marketplace.

The aim was to provide the proper balance between the assets, mission and goals.

Goals and Objectives[]

Having identified and established the market(s) for books that SSS produces and sells, the primary goal remains increased sales and profits. Expansion of the existing market(s) represents the best avenue toward these increased sales and therefore has been identified as a primary objective.

Older plan documents[]

SSS new project investing plan, vintage 1989.[]

Literacy plan with Patrick Rabbit and Barbara Bush[]

Plan pitched to The Finals[]

SSS plan to IL's Governor's Council of Health & Fitness, 3-30-1989[]

File:SSS-literacy-IL-Gov Council-on-health-fitness.pdf

Workout handler software[]

Swimming Support Syndicate[]

In the early days, SSS was for both Swimming and Sports. There was a brief instance when Volleyball Support Syndicate was used on some ads too.

Volleyball Support Syndicate[]



Swimming Support Syndciate