A for Athlete

Changes from the past:[]

Swim & Water Polo Camp is to serve 200 students (aprox), but in three sites, not five as in 2013. Each site has additional students. Hence, three squads are needed for Faison (two in 2013) and Carmalt (one in 2013).

Langley is a new site in 2014. Kids get to swim at Sheridan Park Pool as well as the Langley pool.

Faison kids run to the pools, either Homewood or Westinghouse. There is no bus after lunch to get the kids to the pools. However, we will have a bus to transport the kids from Westinghouse back to Faison at 3:30 for dismissal.

Carmalt will not swim on Mondays. That is the day we have a visit from the running coach. No bus that day, in part to save money. The kids will go to Brookline Park for the running as a “field day.” Carmalt will go to both Moore Park Pool and Phillips Park Pool on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But, since there are 75 students, there will be a need to make two trips with the bus. The first group has to get moving quickly after lunch. The second group might be able to change into swim suits at the school. Likewise, the return trip comes with two pick-ups and drop offs.

The literacy project, A for Athlete, begins in 2014 with the work product of 2013 already online. We have the letters to fortify. We want to build upon the past efforts and make new, splendid contributions that extend what has already been delivered. Furthermore, wi-fi is being supplied at each school site by PPS, not our budget. So, let's figure out how to use that network and log in with our devices.

The Liberty Mile is slated for Friday, August 1, 2014, a regular “school day” for Summer Dreamers and NOT on a day after camp had ended as in 2013. In 2014, like 2012, our campers doing the race get to depart school on a bus and head straight to the events and not to home after school. Students go home after the race. Parents and guardians are invited to ride the buses from the school to the Liberty Mile. The bus should depart by 1:30 pm and go to the swim pool at Sue Murray no the North Side for an aquatic session and then food plus gearing up for the race.

The 2014 Liberty Mile coach, Connor, is being supported by Ryan, our coach from 2013. Mondays at Carmalt, Wednesdays at Faison, Fridays at Langley.

The technology and attendance efforts are going to be married to Team Unify's system and a web site, PPS H20. The application for our smart phones is called, OnDeck. Last year the site at CAPA used this system for attendance.

The budget has taken a few big hits. For example, 15% of the budget was loss due to BGC paying for buses rather than what was proposed.

The looming threats from PPS for end of year payment reductions based upon low attendance are serious. So, attendance efforts are much more important. We need to keep our kids coming back to camp and then following up with phone calls. Massive changes from every staff person is are due because of these new administration approaches.

The morning times and a proposed All-City Sports Camps have not taken root, but seeds have been planted and those in City Hall and the Board of Education are mindful of what could and should be done. Our political will needs to grow for the sake of sports with city kids. Perhaps efforts will sustain themselves from August 11 to 22 at the Oliver Bath House. Tuesday nights is an optional water polo and aquatic game opportunity at Ammon Pool, 6 to 7:45 pm. This starts July 1. Staff, masters, friends and kids, of course, are welcome.

The 8-page newsprint newsletter won't be updated and only a limited number remain from 2013. More photocopied daily letters home are expected.

In 2013, one out of five sites went rouge. In 2014, rather than predict and then witness a meltdown, feeling helpless without PPS in-building support, more drastic counter-measures will be deployed. The best being more advanced training with our staff and wider communication. A hic-up at Faison with the use of 2 pools was resolved the evening before camp began, thankfully.

A “Water Polo Marathon” is slated for August 8 and/or 9, 2014, at Ammon Pool. We expect our various teams to play each other. Plus, our PPS H20 All-Stars will play against suburban teams too. College, masters, lifeguard and staff games are expected.

We wanted, but didn't fully deliver, photos of every camper in 2013, to an online wiki. Taking the photo is not enough. Upload, rename, caption and re-position those images onto various wiki pages. http://CLOH.wikia.com. Or, see link from CLOH.org. Let's nail this aspect of the program as we hope to make real electronic books as camps end to be uploaded to Kindle, Apple and Android sites. An editor might be retained to wrap up these efforts. This ebook will include chapters on the vision and the position paper released in January 2014 in the wake of Dr. Lane, Superintendent of Schools, announcement that budget woes would cut varsity and middle school swimming in the district. We got a stay and that policy won't occur for 2 more years, but efforts are needed to expand sports and fitness opportunities in the city.

Staff changes and upgrades in 2014 are significant, yet many stars return. We have five varsity coaches on staff from the BGC: Mark R (swim at Obama), Leo (baseball from Langley/Brashear), Dale (via VA and now at Bishop Canevin), Kathi (Montour's Swim Coach), Coach Mike (prior at Carlynton and Bishop Canevin). More are on staff from PPS: Kelli (Allderdice), Laurel (club swimming), Tyler (middle school X-Country).

The middle-ground between the roles and duties of PPS people and that of the activity provider seems to be getting more partnership attention in 2014. These points are expectations for PPS people helping with Swim & Water Polo Camp.

- Dive into the health forms from guardians with the SDA nurse with a fine tooth comb on day 1 and help funnel insights to lifeguards and coaches on our BGC staff. As health insights are uncovered, report to the Head and Executive Coach so more and direct discovery can occur.

- Take attendance for PPS purposes and share that data.

- Lead and help to lead students to where they should be. Navigate route. Help with jogs and hikes.

- Exercise with the other coaches and help to lead those routines.

- Supervise students in transitions.

- Swim with the students, offering order and energy to the sessions.

- At game time, coach a side, officiate or play a role with a side. Might be keep a way on early days. Join in on fun.

- Monitor presence at the sites. Counting of students at the public pools should happen every 30 minutes.

- Offer praise for good efforts.

- Coach on techniques as skills are put in focus.

- Help to manage equipment.

- As we interact with outsiders, engage early with a happy attitude and explain our schedule, program and Summer Dreamers to citizens, briefly.

- Scout for the bus arrival.

- Keep time aware for moving to next activity and exiting pools and locker rooms.

- Keep phone in case of emergency.

- Debrief after each day as time permits.

- Most of the teaching can be in a tag team style. Speak in a burst, then actions. Then other coach gives input.

- At times, fraction the group, offering 3 to 10 minutes (as designed and discussed prior) and lead the sub group. Perhaps it is a station, photo taking or kicking endurance on the wall.

- Ride the bus home.

- Have a good grasp of the literacy project and that begins by knowing what has been done by last year' campers. See the A for Athlete A-B-C wiki pages athttp://CLOH.wikia.com.

- None would expect PPS folks to provide miss info. When in doubt, call the executive head coach. 412-298-3432.

- If an accident occurs, fill out an accident report. Pass info to Executive Head Coach.

- As students drop, add, or otherwise, pass that info to Executive Head Coach.