A for Athlete

Staff Memo:

July 15, 2014

From: Mark Rauterkus, Executive Head Coach

Swim & Water Polo Camp with PPS Summer Dreamers, hosted by the Bloomfield-Garfield Corp.



Our camp is doing fine, but there are a few changes that are taking a long time to grasp among all the staff members and the summer is so short. Plus, those that worked in past years have a higher standard to reach.

Time sheets will now be a part of the wiki so as to better insure that all staff members do some heavy lifting with the outcome projects online. Watch for an email on how this is going to unfold.


If you are not taking attendance with TeamUnify's On Deck app,


and if you are not uploading photos,


and if you are not going to the wiki pages to rename and reposition photos,


and if you are not in nearly daily contact with Coach Mark about things that are happening at camp, ....


Sure, everyone does not have a smart phone, nor camera, nor access to kids names in other squads. But, we all need to do some heavy lifting. Literacy needs to be moving online and not to paper. Our week one goal of photos of every kid uploaded was missed by aprox 75%. Thank goodness for Nick's efforts. Plus, at Langley, Pinky, a volunteer saved us in week 2.

We have serious budget issues this year and our attendance is decent, but our costs are getting a hit due to bus expenses. And, the rest of the effort is for staffing.

Let's pick up efforts in those 4 points above, or else I'll need to give out unpaid vacation days in the days to come.

Stay safe.