Throughout the years, different pools were used for waterpolo activiites in and around Pittsburgh.


In 2013, American Waterpolo played a bigger role and provided even more equipment and was the source for the necessary insurance for the camp.

As part of the insurance, the facilities used by the camp were documented. All of these pools are NOT slated for use on a regular basis. However, we hope to use the pools in this list in the near future. The swim pools include, in no particular order:

  • Pool name, Building Name, Owner, Address
  • Ammon pool, Ammon Recreation Center, Citiparks, 2217 Bedford Ave. Pittsburgh PA 15219;
  • U-Prep, Milliones, PPS, 3117 Centre Avenue. Pittsburgh PA 15219;
  • Obama Academy, Peabody, PPS, 515 N. Highland Avenue. Pittsburgh PA 15206;
  • Westinghouse High School, Westinghouse High School, PPS, 1101 N. Murtland Street. Pittsburgh PA 15208;
  • Allderdice High School, Allderdive High School, PPS, 2409 Shady Avenue. Pittsburgh PA 15217;
  • Homewood Pool, Outdoor, Citiparks, 540 N. Lang Avenue. Homewood 15208;
  • Moore Park Pool, Outdoor, Citiparks, 1801 Pioneer Avenue. Brookline 15226;
  • Phillips Park Pool, Outdoor, Citiparks, 201 Parkfield Street. Carrick 15210;
  • Pittsburgh Classical Academy, Pittsburgh Classical Academy, PPS, 1463 Chartiers Avenue. Pittsburgh PA 15205;
  • Carmalt, Carmalt, PPS, 1550 Breining Street. Pittsburgh PA 15226; (Just school without pool.)
  • CAPA, CAPA, PPS, 111 Ninth Street. Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 15222; (Just school without pool.)
  • Sue Murray, Outdoor, CitiParks, 301 Cedar Avenue. North Side 15212;
  • West Penn Rec Center Pool, West Penn Rec Center, CitiParks, 450 30th St. Pittsburgh PA 15219;
  • Highland Park Pool, Outdoor, Citiparks, 151 Lake Drive. Highland Park 15206;
  • North Park Pool, Outdoor, Allegheny County, South Ridge Road. McCandless, PA 15237;
  • PPS Faison School, Pittsburgh Public Schools, 7430 Tioga Street Pittsburgh, PA 15208; (Just school without pool.)

Visiting Pools for Summer Dreamers Open HouseEdit

  • JCC Squirrel Hill, 5738 Forbes Avel Pittsburgh, PA 15217 ‎
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    • Tuesday, August 20, Open house for Swim & Water Polo Camp participants and their families from 2 to 4 pm. Start with a dash around the gym and track. Then we'll go to the indoor swim pool where the lane lines are always in to do a show-off swim and workout. Be on time. Bring your own gym gear, suit, towel and lock. Paid parking in the garage or under the library across the street at Murray and Forbes. Hear about membership details too.
  • JCC Family Park, 261 Rosecrest Drive, Monroeville, PA 15146
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    • Tuesday, September 3, 2013, a swim time trial in a heated 50-meter outdoor pool with the JCC Sailfish, a USA Swimming Club. Arrive after 4:30 pm.

2014 Edit

Pools still not being used include:



  • Peabody High School Swimmers were able to swim in the pool where they had their classes. Some swam in the mornings while others swam in the afternoons.


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