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SwimFin, www.swimfin.co.uk (not flippers) a "unique" device.




A swim teaching aid. Its also a buoyancy aid and resistance tool. Coaches/teachers around the world are using it on all ages and abilities and all strokes. There are squad swimmers using it for great training exercises.

Swim fins are designed to enable you to kick harder and faster. Since how you kick in water depends on how well you swim. In order for legs to kick correctly, fins provide a necessary teaching aid. The fins enable feet to produce powerful kicks to have incredible propulsion. Swimming fins are used by almost all levels of swimmers, no matter if they are professional or beginners, they will wear swim fins accordingly. Additionally, they develop leg muscle, increase ankle flexibility, and improve kicking technique.

It really is making a big difference for teachers and coaches not to mention the swimmers in learning and stroke improvement. There really is nothing quite like it in the world for enticing children into the water. Its also a remarkable piece of kit when it come to working with those with Special Needs.

As water safety and drowning prevention is paramount for every one, Swim Fin has a vital role to play. We have the partnerships, backing and endorsements from the ASA (UK), US Swim School Association, International Swim Instructor Association, Iceland's Swim Association, Singapore Sports Council who actually believe this too, and more will follow.We are working closely with The National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

We supply (at trade prices) countless local authorities, swim schools etc in over 70 countries but we feel now is the time to approach the mass market retailers. We are just starting to appear on the UK High St with the likes of JD Sports, John Lewis and Mother care (ELC) .

We currently are on sale in Sportsman's Warehouse and Toyzone in S.Africa and many outlets across the EU. We feel its only a matter of time once word gets out that Swimfin will be a huge hit every where. We are now concentrating on the US and looking to grow awareness that we already have there by the way of more swim schools, clubs etc taking it on board.Here is a unique opportunity to have it in the very early stages.

I will be attending the 2011 National Drowning Prevention Symposium, in Colorado, I might see you there. Please feel free to ask any questions, I would be delighted to hear from you.

Kevin Moseley


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PDF Fins[]

PDF stands for Positive Drive Force. These short fins are often called breastroke fins too, as one can swim all strokes, including egg-beater kicks that is used in water polo.


DMC SWIM Fins are used by Australian and International Olympic Swimming Team Members. The high quality DMC Swim training short fins have been specifically designed to be molded in silicone to avoid abrasion. The principal function of the DMC SWIM Fins is to enable anyone from a novice to an Olympic standard swimmer to achieve a kick balance while using their preferred arm stroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the fins during swim training gives the legs neuromuscular memory so that when the swimmer then swims without fins, they kick more effectively. Our Swim training short fins have been specifically designed to be moulded in silicone, as opposed to rubber. The benefits of using this material far outweigh any extra cost; the silicone does not cause abrasion as rubber is prone to. In addition to this, silicone is denser than water which helps keep the feet below the surface. Our swimming training short fins also create lift to keep the feet toward the surface at all times which is essential when kicking correctly. The actual blend and hardness of the silicone used has been the result of extensive collaboration with the manufacturer, the material is soft, yet resistant to tearing and splitting, and is also UV proof. The shape of the foot pockets have been the subject of considerable research as has the dedicated left and right foot fins which provide exceptional comfort and greatly reduce the incidence of cramps. The heel strap has ankle cut-outs to prevent chafing and all the edges of the foot cavity are rounded for the same reason. The angle or cam of the blade surface relative to the foot is different to conventional fins, and has been designed to create the least possible resistance to the kick action. The asymmetrical plan shape of the blade allows the fin to be reasonably short and wide without the potential nuisance of the fins bumping together while swimming or walking. This is also another great benefit of using individual left and right foot moulds. The "V" rails along the edges of the blade have a dual function and help to ensure the blade is sufficiently stiff to function effectively and channel water along the blade. Each of the 5 sizes has a different blade-to-foot area ratio to make sure that it is correct for the person's foot size This ensures that the smaller sizes have proportionally longer blades relative to the foot pocket length to create the correct thrust. DMC SWIM Fins represent world class Australian design at its best.