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PA memo in spring for 2016-17Edit


The following applies at ALL levels of competition and includes warm-ups.

Rule 3-3- 1: A competitor shall not be permitted to participate wearing a suit that is not of decent appearance. Boys shall wear suits which cover the buttocks. Girls shall wear suits which cover the buttocks and breasts.

Rule 3-3- 3 (b) 4:…made with no zippers or other fastening system other than a waist tie for a brief or jammer and elastic material within the casing/ribbing in the terminal ends (straps, leg openings and waist openings)... This means female swimmers/divers shall not wear suits that tie at the neck or any place on the back.

1. Female swimmers/divers shall not pull the suit/straps past the shoulders/down to the waist and wear sports bras, bikini tops or halter tops.

2. A drag suit may be worn over a competition suit for warm-ups.

3. All suits worn on deck (except drag suits) shall meet all requirements of the uniform rule.

4. Leggings and panty hose may be worn with a competition suit for warm-ups.

5. Divers may wear two suits.

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