A for Athlete


Mark Rauterkus is the camp director and executive coach and may or may not be present in the afternoon sessions. But he'll be able to be reached via cell phone. He'll lead camp staff meetings, daily.

Two, experienced, adult swim coaches, a head coach and a co-coach, will implement the program.

Two assistant coaches, much like lifeguards, are going to be engaged in leading every session as well. The assistant coaches are either college or high school swimmers or water polo players.

Guest coaches, guest instructors and guest supervisors are expected throughout the five weeks. This could include college swim coaches, lifeguard experts, water polo coaches, Junior Lifeguards, visiting swim instructors, college athletes, potential club helpers.

Four or more adults are due at the pool every day with the campers.

At one site, the camper registration range has: a minimum = 15, and a maximum = 30.

One or two sites are possible in 2010. With the additional site, (second site) the Swim and Water Camp could accommodate a total of 60 campers.

Why and How for the camper registration numbers[]

With 30 campers in a six lane pool (most pools in PPS have six lanes) we'd have five swimmers in a lane. More would be too crowded. To play water polo, we'd want at least 14 players, seven per side.


  • 30 campers / 4 coaches
  • 30 campers / 12 kayaks
  • In House Water Polo Team 10 players / 3 teams (winners stay in)
  • In House Water Polo Teams 7 players / 4 teams (brackets)
  • In House Swim Teams 15 kids / 2 teams

Staffing Model and Structure[]

Staff positions, roles and responsibilities with 4 individuals:

Setting: Roles

Time trial swim meet: Starter, stroke official, coach, timer/recorder.

Water Polo match: Referee, scoreboard/shot clock, video camera, coach to monitor subs

Teaching Drills: Lead coach, demonstration swimmer, lifeguard, on task coach.

Total number of staffer members, at least 4. Up to 10 as we have guests.

Staff has not yet been hired for the various roles in the camp. + The assistant coach roles and lifeguards can be hired among the college students and high school students in the programs offered with CLOH.Org. In the summer of 2010, we expect to have a number of morning programs until noon. Then those individuals would be available for afternoon work.

+ Generally, swim coaches in the area work with their teams in the morning hours and evening hours. This means that the 1 to 4 pm period, the time of the PPS camps, are available times for coaches. I feel confident that there are plenty of expert coaches that would come to work with the Swim and Water Polo Camp provided that they are paid.