Wikipedia:Sycnhronized Diving

Sharleen Stratton and Bree Cole from Australia in perfect unison in a Synchronized Springboard Diving Competition

Synchronized diving is an Olympic sport. Brought to the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia in 2000, the diving event features two divers who attempt to perform identical or mirrored dives. For example, if one diver were performing a forward dive in the pike position, the other diver would perform either an identical forward dive or an inward dive in the pike position, which mirrors its motions. The event is judged by three separate panels, one for each diver and one to judge the synchronization of the dives. This means that if both divers make identical errors in performance of their dive, they may still attain high scores from the synchronization judges. There are a total of nine judges for the syncro events, two for each diver judging the execution of the dive and five for judging the syncronicity of the divers.

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