A for Athlete


We are gearing up for this summer's Swim & Waterpolo Camp as part of Pittsburgh Public Schools Summer Dreamers, and we'd love your help.

Today's letter is "T."

We seek donations of used towels, swim trunks and trophies. We'll reuse them with the swimmers this summer and beyond, as we've got 180 starting July 1.

Our goal is to get more than 1,000 kids into our dynamic, exciting, highly popular aquatic programs by the summer of 2014.

T4Towel Trunks Trophie by EMILY

T for Towel, Trunks and Trophies by Emily Melnyk


A former swimmer and camp coach, Emily Melynik, graduate of Schenley High School and present student at Temple University made this graphic as the dominate image for our drive for Ts. Thanks Emily.