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  • My nephew, Dexter Fowler played on the 2008 United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Olympic Baseball Team. They weren't blessed with the prime time games or with as much media press as some of the other sports--but they prevailed never the less! Also, this is the last time that baseball will be an Olympic sport, but that team -- who had only been playing together for 3 weeks prior to competition -- played like they were playing for all of history. We are so proud of Dex, and just got word today that he has been called up from his minor league baseball team to the major league team, Colorado Rockies!!! Talk about a real coup! We are so thrilled, but that call up will keep him from appearing with the rest of the medal winning athletes on Oprah's show. We love the show, we will still be watching!!

Tiffanie- Austin, TX

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