Goals for Swim & Water Polo CampEdit

What is the vision for the program and what are the goals?

The Swim and Water Polo Camp is an opportunity for campers to make great strides in their personal swimming proficiency and aquatics understanding. With daily practices, each camper can become more than one who can swim, but rather become a “true swimmer” and an aquatic athlete.


  • To teach all the campers how to swim in deep water and race.
  • To teach and coach campers about competitive swimming.
  • To prepare and give competitive swim experiences in events and meets.
  • To teach campers how to play water polo with skills, drills and games.
  • To gain awareness of the greater swimming world from Olympics to local competitions including records and standards and how the campers size up themselves.
  • To strive in and document personal, small group and squad performances and challenges, so as to make benchmarks, collect data, and record time and distance results.
  • To learn and perform drills and new movement exercises so as to be coached and self aware.
  • To learn and understand skills and progressions of various aquatic moves so well that demonstration and teaching of others occurs.
  • To gain respect for aquatic safety and dangers in all sorts of settings.
  • To learn all the competitive swim strokes and do a legal 100 yard Individual Medley.

Comments on Goals BadgesEdit

That all looks good, except for 2 things I think. First, a reassessment every two weeks by that GOI is at best going to be done very quickly and without much thought by the students, so maybe once a 9-weeks, semester, or year is more attainable (EDIT: 2 weeks makes sense for summer dreamers, but for everyone else maybe every semester or quarter is better). Second, 8 badges is overkill for this process. The problem is that we'll have 6 knowledge badges, a single skill badge, and one disposition badge come out of the whole process, which is what had certain remake learning network members anxious about "badge inflation." You don't want a badge to feel like it has no weight or meaning in and of itself (i.e. through the requirements, skills taught, knowledge gained, etc.). Any of these incremental step badges are going to suffer from the process in my opinion. It's the same reason that other forms of gameification rewards (i.e. video game acheivements, fitness trackers, etc.) make their badges diverse, or, if they are part of the same process, mark significant milestones in the process (e.g. a chest opened, 100 chests opened, all chests in the game opened is a common progression). The diversity makes each badge feel like a unique reward, whereas the milestones make each badge feel like they have weight of increasing magnitude. What that would look like for this goals process would be, for example: GOI completed, goals set, all other requirements completed that mark the cultivation of a goal-oriented lifestyle or disposition. That makes one knowledge, one skill, and one disposition badge for balance (which seems to be an aim of the Sprout people)--all without overcrowding the process with badges that track only incremental progress.

Acidrayne 13 (talk) 20:02, May 7, 2015 (UTC)

Proposed Changes:Edit

  • Collapse levels 4, 7, & 8 so that we have six badges and that the only persistent evaluation criteria occurs at the max level.
  • Have at least one evaluation criteria for the highest level that tracks individual goals progress, not just GOI process stuff.

Acidrayne 13 (talk) 12:32, May 15, 2015 (UTC)

There are no levels yet. ?? We need to make them. Perhaps we could put a section on the main wiki page as a proposal for these levels. We could do various proposals until one feels perfect. Then finalize. Rauterkus (talk) 13:29, May 15, 2015 (UTC)

First, I do not know enough about the sports that will be represented at the summer program to create levels of difficulty for skill development within a given sport.

It would be possible, I think, to actually do the above for swimming various strokes, etc., or coming up with different skills related to baseball. I played girls’ basketball in high school 68 years ago.  At that time, girls played only half-court basketball!  So I am really out-of-date. One son and two grandsons played college basketball.  I could ask them for suggestions. 

Your thoughts?

If you look at the list of 6 skills I sent this morning, the skill I had for number 6 (creating the support group) should be skill # 2. Everyone I have read recently who is writing about successful goal setting says to go out and find supporters.  And keep in touch with them.

I do think that creating a goal support group is worthy of one badge!


I like the rendition of the badge sequence that Adam has put together.  They really convey action and commitment!

Here is my first thoughts about a list of six badges:

1.       Make a list.  Make daily lists of what will be accomplished and cross off items completed at the end of the day.

2.       Manage resources. Organize and maintain resources:  shoes, clean clothes, gym bag.

3.       Make a plan.  Document levels of one skill development across the duration of the summer program.

4.       “Stoke the Furnace!” Monitor timely food intake that contributes to physical strength and development.

5.       Identify potential stressors. Monitor food intake that contributes to clear thinking under stress.

6.       Create a goal support system.  Include each of the following goal supporters.  1) a coach, 2) another adult in the summer program, 3) an adult at home, 4) another student. Keep the goal supporters up-to-date on your progress toward your goals.

Kay suggested:Edit

I like the goal levels that you have listed.


Are you familiar with an award-winning program called Kid’s First Swim?  My sister was here last night from Severna Park, MD, and her grandson is participating in this program  One of his goals (age 6) is to be able to tread water for 2 minutes.


Perhaps we should include a list of potential goals (as samples) in swimming and other sports that might apply to your program for levels one and four.


I am flying out to Seattle tomorrow morning for my granddaughter’s high school graduation.  I will be back Tuesday evening.


Meeting again soon is fine.  I am available on Wednesday, June 3, any time.  Thursday, June 4. in the afternoon. Friday, June 5, any time.


I am also trying to set up a meeting with the superintendent at the Washington School District where I did the initial work with Jim Hanna in 1982. The “Yellow Book” program that we developed for the middle school has direct applications to this project.  (Create your own support team, etc.) If you could get back to me today about a date, that would be very helpful. I will be calling the district on Monday, June 1, to set up the appointment.


This project is really shaping up.  I’ll bet that coaches would be very interested what we are putting together.


A list of possible goals is okay, but that is covered in the specifics of some of the other digital badges. We should write a paragraph and then link a kid's goals to the skills found in other digital badges. For example, a kid might want to look at their swim skills and work to make progress on the digital badge for SKWIM level 2.

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