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  • Making e-Learning Memorable  No one wants to complete boring e-Learning exercises, especially when it's mandatory." Instructional Designer, Lousie Theodorides, takes on boredom by creating an easy four step method to help designers make e-Learning more memorable.

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    • NASA recently conducted underwater research, since the environment provides some useful similarities to working in space, using off the shelf technology, developed by Thought Technology, the worlds largest manufacturer of biofeedback equipment.

NASA researcher William Toscano described the mission, "Our project was called Neemo-9. It was 22 days long, with 2 astronauts participating. They wore the FlexComp Infiniti™ system for three of the mission days. What we were looking was the effect of isolation, workload and fatigue on the individuals. We're using the Neemo-9 environment as an analog of a space station.

  • Matthew Atkins • K-VEST 3D motion technology is a measurement tool specifically designed to analyze rotational data from a 3D perspective. If you are looking to collect data on athletes for a reasonable cost check out We are currently specializing in golf but we have beta versions for baseball and hockey. Our system allows you to analyze rotational velocities, and measures degrees of bend, side bend and rotation around all three axis, sagittal/frontal/transverse. visit


  • Remco is a new product designed to assist trainers and coaches. With the primary goal to track player (or team) development, it will allow coaches/trainers to more easily indentify key areas that require more attention.

In short, coach-planet allows you to:

  • player information in one central location
  • players
  • player progress
  • Injury graph
  • Planning
  • many aspects to suit your own situation,
  • don’t and simply start using it, as the tool can be used with only minimal set-up.


Vicon were invited to capture the full body kinematics of two of the Dutch Olympic team members.

  • Chris Barnes • I can personally recommend these products:
    • Smartabase (contact Markus Deutsch; );
    • Kinetic-Athlete (Rob Shugg; ); and
    • Fairplay products (Richard Fairweather, ).

All have mature products with a significant international installed base, and are innovative, sincere and of high quality.

  • Dr Fraser Harban Or if you don't want to break the bank have a look at our HotSpot Training system. So simple to use - set drills and ensure accuracy with touch sensors instead of markers / cones and get immediate data for performance feedback. If you want to monitor players progress with a simple, portable piece of equipment then look no further than HotSpot! As used in Premiership, Bundesliga and French Ligue1 as well as many other sports.
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