Background[edit | edit source]

Insights from SDA17[edit | edit source]

  • I love to swim at Summer Dreamers because..... we get to play water polo and play penny toss. That is why I like water polo.


  • This week was the best week of my life because I like water polo. Because, we get to play water polo and practice and play SKWIM. We practice how to swim. We used the kickboard. We had races. Then we thew, I came last in the race.

Week 6 update[edit | edit source]

  • I like when we play SKWIM and water polo. I like when we have races. 😎

Photos[edit | edit source]

T for Twins. And T is for their first names too, Terry and Terrance.


SDA17 - Swim & Water Polo Parade

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