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N-Allegheny Tiger WP MEN Suit
N A Tiger Womens Suit 2012


How to order in June 2013[]

We are taking orders for The Official North Allegheny Tiger Water Polo Club Suits. The 18U and 16U Boys Teams will be wearing the boys suits at the Junior Olympics in late July 2013. Our 18U and 16U Girls Teams will be wearing the Girls suits at the Junior Olympics in early August 2013. . Please note, these are the same suit designs we used for our 2012 Junior Olympic Teams.

Any additional Tiger Water Polo Club Member who would like to order a NATWP Club suit can do so at this time, whether you are playing on a Junior Olympic Team or not. The cost of the suits are; Women's==$69.00, Men's==$40.00. The purchasing of the Club suit is optional and these suits will not be the suits worn by the high school teams in the fall.

If you are interested in ordering a NATWP Suit, take the following steps:

1) Go to the Turbo Sizing Chart, http://www.turbo.us/sizes

2) Determine the size your player will need, identify the TURBO WP SIZE, ex.) Men's--M, (for a 31" waist size)

a) The sizing chart is based on WAIST size not hip size. Take this into consideration when choosing a size,

b) For example, a medium size suit is comparable in size to a 28-30 size of Agon or similar brands.

3) E-Mail your players name, suit type,(men or women's), and the TURBO WP SIZE to Grady.Gaspar@gmail.com on or before June 13, 2013 by 9:00 PM.

4) Payment for the suit can be made by check payable to Tiger Water Polo. Please mail your payment to;

Grady Gaspar, 1632 Forest Ridge Drive, Pittsburgh PA   15237

5) The suits will take 4-5 weeks for delivery.

NATWP looks forward to receiving your suit orders by June 13th! Thank you