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Tim Beckman is rewarding with steak and eggs, punishing with porridge[]

by Adam Kramer MAR. 07, 2012

University of Illinois football is headed in a different direction, and head coach Tim Beckman is setting the tone in the form of breakfast. The name of the game is simple: The individuals that follow the expected protocol get delicious morning food; those that don’t, well, it’s porridge time.

Those who followed the rules, arriving at classes 10 minutes early and never missing a rep during winter workouts, were treated to steak and eggs at the “All-In Banquet.” Those who missed a beat were treated to an Oliver Twist breakfast.

Twenty-one players earned the steak and eggs. Beckman, who clearly wants to set a tone of accountability in his first season, ate at the porridge table after missing a workout to speak at an alumni event.

You get me, Tim Beckman. In fact, “Steak and Eggs” workouts are something all coaches should implement immediately. I have to assume there is bacon involved, however, because without bacon I may show up for class only 8 minutes early instead. Although there is something about the “porridge table” that sounds incredibly depressing.

The fact that he punished himself with porridge is admirable, only that only leads me to believe that perhaps bacon isn’t really involved. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the bottom of this.

Illinois kicked off their spring practice on March 7, 2012, and will play their spring game on April 15.