A for Athlete



Updates in 2016

  • Thanks to an NCAA Grant, professors and researchers at The University of South Dakota and The University of Pittsburgh are making updates to this book in May, 2016. There are to be two new versions, one for high school athletes and the other for college athletes.
  • The book is to include insights to modern technology and impacts of various rule changes for all the sports
  • The books are going to remain as a no charge download, gratis.



Making Your Scholastic Teams Accessible to Students with Hearing Impairments

This book is the #1 too -- the hamer so-to-speak -- for getting the studnts with hearing impairments into extracurricular activities. Make school-athletic activies accessible. Do the right ting -- and follow the law. This book gets everyone cheering loudly in suppor of the home team once the whole student body is engaged.

understand and provide solutions for communication challenges with this book and involve those kids who have been inadvertently denied access.

Sport-by-sport solutions to communication challenges for scholastic students, athletes, coaches, school-administrators and parents.

  • Authors from the Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • page length: 230
  • cover price: $25.00
  • format: 5.5 x 8.5 paperback
  • isbn: 1-878602-92-6
  • bookstore section(s): Disabilities, Self-Help, Sports/coaching
  • publication date: September 1, 1995

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